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How about a new hybrid of Koolasuchus G2 and Sarchosuchus?


Just feeling these two families of dinos are underrepresented in the arena.
And there aren’t any hybrid for these two families AFAIK.


Is there any 2nd Gen Hybrid? Don’t think so, they would more likely just use the Epic Koolasuchus.


Irritator G2
Koolasuchus and Sarco are both pretty common, now their DNAs are just sitting there useless.


The problem is that both crocodiles and anfibians are not very good in the arena, so even a hybrid doesn’t sound that great. I made a topic a while ago about how to improve crocodiles.


Crocs and giant salamanders are okay in the first two arenas, and then they usually get swapped for better creatures.

I think there are way too many crocs and salamanders in the wild, anyway. In my area, it’s not uncommon to see nothing but Sarcos popping up all over the place during the day, with barely any dinos around. (I’ve since nicknamed my neighborhood “the Swamp”)

Some commons are just WAY too common.


Their skills make them into the ‘control’ dinos. Mostly about removing opponent’s positive effect. Pinning is also an underrated skill, if it has the ability of pinning for three turns and reasonable stats it should be able to occupy a spot in higher arena.


I’m in the Marshes and even now Koolasuchus is a good option - it can take down raptors, depending on the levels involved and how you use it.


Yeah, some like Koolasuchus 1st Gen or some of the higher rarity Hybrids are for sure worth using even in higher Arenas.