How about a Stygmoloch event already?


Pretty tired of getting crumbs of DNA from incubators… how about setting this guy free, or at least an event? I’ve started Tuoramoloch (or however it’s spelled) and would like to have it made before 2020 (or the game goes bust - whichever happens first).


Good luck with that. They need to string this game out for as long as they can for the big $$$$. Suppose to have a three year run, but not at the rate it’s stumbling.


Stygimoloch was part of one of the first showcase events that JWA ever held–the same week as the Indoraptor showcase…so it may return to a showcase event soon, but it’s hard to say with certainty.


Are you joking I have hoards of the stuff


How!? Gimmie. I have almost 4000 tuojiangosaurus gathering dust…


Il trade you some? :confounded:


It’s parasaur I’m struggling with :cry:


Anyone know what next week’s park Dino’s are?


I see Tuo all the time, and oddly, usually in pairs about a block apart! (same with Gorgosaurus, and Kaprosuchus usually, not sure if it’s a glitch or what…)


Come to Edin - they’re everywhere!


I’ve seen about 4-6 in my travels and have been playing the game since May… :tired_face:


I just got 350 from a 24 hour incubator


I have one that will be done today - maybe I’ll be lucky!