How about a way to unfuze?


Random shower thought but say, for example you have an overleveled Einiasuchus you rode to 4000 (thanks girl!) but don’t use anymore. What if you had the option to move her down a level and get back some of that sweet sweet DNA. Maybe Einia isn’t a great example, since the only component that could be used for something else is Nundasuchus but let’s just roll with it.

Einiasuchus is a 1:1 ratio, so lets say you had last made 5000 DNA to get her to level 24. Hit the button and you get X amount back in Einiosaurus and X amount back in Nundasuchus. You wouldn’t get the coins back but at least you had a head start on building something else. Heck, could even extend this to de-leveling a non-hybrid.

Would give us a way to try and mitigate the nerfs, addition of new hybrids, etc.