How about an announcement? or, I snoozed and I losed

Woke up this morning (late, I sleep in on my days off) and saw boosts for sale in the store! I had cash saved up and was going to buy some speed, tapped on it and got the “disconnected” notice. Tapped on reconnect and after a minute or two just quit the game to restart. I was brough back to the “select your login method” screen, logged in, and boosts were no longer in the store. I found this thread here - Hurry before its too late!
and realized that I tried to buy the speed boosts right at 10am (when everything resets for me and all the new towers and events start) and was wondering - did they offer boosts for sale for a short time period OVERNIGHT (for north america)? Did EVERYONE who tried to buy them have the game glitch out and they didn’t get any? or… did people who happened to catch the short sale actually get some and the rest are just out of luck?


Hello Tuco, it is unfortunately possible that you logged in just as the boost sales were ending. However, our team would be happy to help if you think something else may have happened. Please email them at Thanks!

They were on sale for 24 hours. There have been no reports of issues such as yours, so I guess you were unlucky with the timings.

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Figures. Here’s a TIP for Ludia - an in game announcement would be nice. Some of us don’t go to the store very frequently.

In game announcements are always good so yeah I recommend more of those too. I do however always check each day at the usual change over which for me is 3pm.

I check the store daily…I saw no boosts for sale. This is not the first time this has happened. I write it off as a glitch in the system. I don’t think everyone sees/gets the same opportunities as others. And if the window is only 24 hours then the possibility that I didn’t see it and would have had to reboot and check again could have been the reason I didn’t see it because I rarely check the store twice a day. The bottom line is it makes no sense not to announce it or make it 48 hours. Ludia still hasn’t figured that out yet. Boosts are a money maker for Ludia so why wouldn’t you let people know.


I check daily whenever I open that page for the free incubator. I had checked yesterday and didn’t see one. So I guess it was not for all or may some of us had this issue

Tip for user - Visit the store more often. You get free incubators that give cash several times a day that give you a reason to visit the store page.


From what they replied in another thread I gathered that they think people haven’t forced themselves not to pay attention to the “new offer” notification that goes up every time new useless incubators that nobody wants are in the store.

Funny, this is EXACTLY what I did. Saw that boosts were for sale; clicked the button, got disconnected, swiped out, got back in, and poof.

Precisely. We’re spammed with the notification icons for the store, and since the overwhelming majority of the time it’s a lame ingredients incubator where the price:value relationship is laughable, it becomes a game of “how quickly can I clear the notification?” I’ve missed a few things of actual value in the past, like coin sales, because of notification overuse and lack of a modal/headline/something.

Take note, @Ludia_Developers - I don’t need to see the data to know you have a UI flaw (and, in turn, a UX issue) that necessarily reduces rev gen.

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I always get the free incubator, but yesterday I didn’t see any boosts for sale in the store. I even scrolled down to buy some darts with in-game cash and still didn’t see anything. What time did it start?

It started on 16th and ended 17th. The start and finish time is based on when the events change for you, i.e. the weekly events schedule…

When and how? I go in game and check main page for free incubator 3+ times at-least in a day.

I didn’t find any boosts. Even when I saw the forum post yesterday and reloaded the game but no boosts were there …

Is Ludia really screwed people by giving boost purchase options to only selected few?

@Ned @Jorge @Ren Please confirm if boosts (specially speed boost) was on sale yesterday? and for everyone in the world?

Same here, I saw the thread but even after reloading game multiple times nothing (boosts related) was in my store.

You go in and check for free incubator fine, although icon will always indicate if there is one available, but when you go to check for free incubator you see straight away, there’s no need to scroll. So do you scroll down the entire page every time you go to check for free incubator?

I’m not sure by what you mean when you say when and how. I told you when, and the how, well it was in the store.

of-course I meant I scrolled down fully everytime. Especially after checking the other thread. You can see that many reporting same that they can’t find/see the boosts.

Seems like Ludia messed-up again and screwed player base …

Whenever boosts go on sale for me I get an orange SPECIAL OFFER notif on the store icon. That is enough for me to look and see what it is.

Boosts were on sale for everyone this past weekend.

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Then its a massive screw for players like me … Now I am almost done with the game.

Thanks for clarification and another big screw-up from Ludia