How about another topic for the community to flag eh?


Ferocious strike… I have dinos that have it and I use it… I’ve got nothing against the move but in all honesty… it deals 1x damage but your damage is obviously increased… why not stick to what it says… “deals 1x damage(initial turn) and +50% attack boost for NEXT 3 turns”… unless you cant figure out how to get the damage boost to add AFTER the move has been done…

And I still feel adrenaline surge and moves of the like should have more use than what they have… if you’re the faster dino it can work in your favor… but if you’re the slower dino (and no I dont mean slower because of a deceleration move) then the move(s) are useless… oooo but you get an extra round… yea to die… delaying the inevitable


I think the healing moves are supposed to be used strategically, like for example if you think the opponent is about to use a shield, a preemptive strike or switch dinos you can heal up and increase your attack without being hit that turn.


I agree on adding something to adrenaline surge perhaps a 30% slowing move! Especially since adrenaline surge does allow you to go first that way you have a chance of also taking a shot on the opponent


My idea is that maybe it gives you a one turn immunity buff so you can still attack… just a thought tho


It’s hard to preempt the strike… easy to do when I have gorgo and someone uses a deceleration attack… that’s the only time I can truly use its benefits… sucks it has to be that way…