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How about Both Unboosted and Boosted Arenas?

Ludia, I believe that one thing that would make this game so much more awesome is to have two Battle Arenas ongoing at the same time: one Unboosted and another Boosted. The same Beasts could be used in either arena, just that the Boosts would only show through in the Boosted one.

So many of us want to use a whole lot of Dino’s / Beasts and see what battle strategies work best for our battle styles but we simply cannot due only to a restriction of one Boosted-Only Arena limiting our battle teams to only 8 beasts we can afford to boost.

If you had both Boosted and Unboosted Arenas, you would not lose out in any money because the players who really want to be on the top of the Boosted Arena will still pay to do so. This will still keep your revenue base alive while enhancing the game so much for those of us that want many more beasts to be available for the arena battles while we simultaneously work up our boosted beasts.

Why not a Steroid-free and a Steroided-to-the-Max Arena?

Please consider this so that we can battle with so many more beasts that the Friend Battles just do not allow us to do (we need more than a pool of 40 or so to battle with and want to have real and ongoing competition not just a battle testing ground.)

Thank you for considering this.


I would switch to the unboosted arena and all they would get from me is VIP.
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


Yes yes yes. They can sell all the boosts they want and those of us who have had it with boosts I’m sure are more than willing to use the unboosted arena while the others club themselves to a pulp in the boosted one.

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I’d play an unboosted arena.
however, the total player base may not be able to support two arenas initially. But if this unboosted arena can help keep new players, we may be able to eventually do it.

We’ve been asking for that since boosts. It would be just about the best thing ever for a lot of people, but at this stage it’s highly unlikely they will since boosted players would complain about not finding anyone to battle with.

That said, perhaps if they offered better or exclusive rewards for the boosted arena, it might work having both.


I think as of right now we dont have enough of a base to sustain the current arena with any variety. I seem to play the same group of players again and again. Once in a while I’ll get a new one but that’s rare. An unboosted arena would probably draw many people back into arena battles who have chosen to sit out due to boosts. I sent a DM to a mod earlier about doing a monthly battle tournament but without boosts. Like it used to be and see how many people would actually jump on that. I dont battle tournaments anymore since its either locked at lvl 26 or boosted.

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They need all that server space for the cheaters they allow to keep playing the game… they get their own arena - probably because they still pay. There’s no money in it for Ludia to have an unboosted arena.


Maybe if it had different creatures in the incubators, it would be nice. I’m tired of all the alanqa and pachy.


The same beasts could be used in each arena, just no boosting would show through in the Unboosted arena. Therefore you could use any team set-up in either arena. Just a thought Ludia please.

In a perfect world it would work perfectly. However, if it is going to interrupt the cash flow from boosts I do not see it being considered by Ludia. It would dissipate in the wind like a dry popcorn fart.

No, I’m sorry but no. You’re talking about dividing a already thin olater base, people who play in the unboosted arena would complain about the useless boosts they paid for, people in the boosted arena would complain about no opponents, the game would never recover. It’s the same argument as get rid of boosts, does it sound nice in theory? Yup. Would it actually work? Nope


I don’t think it would be divided.
I’m pretty sure the boost server would be a ghost town.
Opening a boost free server would be basically getting rid of boosts. LOL


It’s good what you said but you gave nothing as a suggestion.The company and lots of players will not want the two Arenas.

So i’ll try to give a suggestion :

Boosted Arena:

  • Arenas will be the same as now
  • Trophy count is the same
  • Season Rewards : only Epics - Exclusive - New Dinos
  • There will be more Dna amounts and probably some cash in the Incubators
  • Library-Gyro-Shores will have the most wanted Dna rewards from incubators(exclusive and others)
  • The incubators will give more Boosts
  • Less Wait Time before Ai button appearance

Unboosted Arena:

  • Arenas will go up until Aviary
  • Trohy count is the same ,you can go up to 7000+ but you will be still in Aviary
  • The incubators will not have exclusive Dna from upper Arenas even if your Trophy score is 7000+
  • The incubators will give less Boosts
  • Season Rewards : only Rare and Common Dinos
  • More Wait Time before Ai button appearance

ps: I would like to see a boost free environment…but it will never happened in this state of the game.

I’m not a huge fan of the idea of split arenas but it is the only compromise I have seen that stands a chance at working.

It would reduce the numbers battling in each arena, but, I strongly suspect that the impact would hit the boosted arena more - they already complain about not being able to get matches at the higher arenas.

With the balancing of rat done, if they offered an unboosted arena I would consider using it, since boosts and rat are what made me quit. Free play of course.

A classic type arena where levels and strategy matter and Thors arent 180 speed and are slow like they are supposed to be, it would be tempting.


For me it would not be a matter of playing in just one arena but playing in both where one (Unboosted) has more strategy and the other for shear powerful play (boosts).

It would allow for ALL beasts to be available to battle with instead of just 8.

I would really like a reason to stay rather than leave this wonderful game and having an arena where I have a chance in while also battling in the Boosted one would keep a lot of us on the fence from fleeing. It’s not an either-or with the 2 arena system but 2 different strategy arenas. More variety not less.

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I understand all the frustration, I really do. I get that myself, especially on losing streaks, but…
I disagree with the boosted arena not being tactical, it does require tactics, and a lot of it too, on the spot tactics even, not predefined move sequences.

It all depends where you put your own goalposts. If you don’t mind getting beaten up by lower level opponents you could have some fun these days. In every setting you will lose battles and you will win battles and losses will always be somewhat frustrating. However, still going unboosted I take great pleasure in beating a 149 Thor or other crutch. It takes a lot of tactics since all of my dinos are a lot slower.

If you are aiming for top 500 this approach will not work for you obviously, but my advice, if you don’t wanna pay to win, don’t play to win.


I would love an unboosted arena, but how would they do it and not look like the bad guys?

Imagine buying a car in the showroom for 20,000 then the guy parking up next to you in the exact same car says he got his from the same showroom for free!

They would have to refund the money that boosted players used or face the backlash from them if they offered an unboosted arena.

It just won’t happen and as things stand it’s hard enough finding a match with just the one arena.

I think it could work, but I think that coming at it with less Boosts available in the Unboosted arena is a bad idea. in Theory (layman’s theory, not scientific) we could have everyone in both arenas. Just have the Boosted arena grant higher DNA rewards and very low Boost rewards, while the Unboosted arena gives higher Boost rewards and lower DNA rewards. this incentivizes playing both arenas.

Why would they have to refund anything? Boosts would still be relevant in the boosted arena.