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How about Both Unboosted and Boosted Arenas?

Not if no one is playing in it. It would severely devalue boosts and people already ask for their money back every time the game freezes

Sorry, but I don’t see their being any devaluation. Boosts will still have the same stat increase as they do now.

Totally agree that people will ask for money back tho! We have a pretty entitled player base in places.

2 arenas means twice the coding and twice the bugs. It will annoy almost every player more than now. Boosted players will complain there is not one to fight. Unboosted players will complain when the arenas keep crossing and they get mulched. The players like me who do not care about the issue will get annoyed that the game now need 30 stages to get ready and runs like a dying Diplocalus.

My main issue isnt no one to fight with since I care only about winning and getting incs for alliance missions but how much heavier the game is gonna get in terms of code and bugs. 1 arena already bugs out quite badly. Imagine 2 normal arenas and 1 tournament arena running.

Boostless arena would be a dream come true :heart_eyes: Sooner or later Ludia will have to open arena without boosts as there will be more preasure from players due to dissatisfaction with current arena. And also everyone could play fair matches where only skill matters.

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As much as many people have asked for this, I don’t see it happening. It would just divide the player base and reduce the number of potential opponents in either Arena.

But this would also bring quitted players back and entice new players. So i dont consider it as a problem :slightly_smiling_face: I think much less players play now then before. Would really love to see the numbers…

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Yes, I possibly would but would it make enough difference to be worth doing from Ludia’s perspective. Then you’ll have the reverse complaints from people who boost, when they say that without facing non-boosters they may as well not have boosts.

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I doubt those who quit will return. Why would they? 1 buggy arena isnt going to bring back players who already hate the battle system to its core.

Unboosted arena with Ludia’s crappy matchmaking algorithm will still create the same.problems as before. Imbalanced matches, crossed arenas and the flabby game.

Do they still have flagged players in a separate arena, or did they quietly merge them back into the general population?

That said, yes! Please make a boosted and unboosted arena! But allow a boost reset prior to split.

Lewdia would never kill that cash cow, separate arenas aren’t going to happen.

The reason they would have to look at refunds is simple.

As I said, most players struggle at times to find a match up since there are often not many people battling in the arena.

The reason there aren’t that many is players being against the whole boosts thing. So if they add an unboosted arena there will be even less players available in the boosted arena. As it is now, the top players play more matches against ai than real players, so it would be even worse than it already is.

It has nothing to do with ‘entitled players’ as you put it.
If you purchase an item relating to a game you play, and it’s value becomes obsolete because the game maker devalues the said item, you are rightly going to be angry. Would you have bought boosts if you had an alternative option that didn’t require boosts to move forward?

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Generally agree with this, but I don’t see the formation of an unboosted arena as a devaluation of boosts. They would still have the same effect as previous, so no devaluation - not like the change from 1.0 to 2.0 anyway.

I take the point about fewer players in the boosted arena. However, we seem to be losing players in total, and this hasn’t been seen as a devaluation issue, so why should it with a second arena?

They become devalued because the only active arena wouldn’t use them and they would no longer be “necessary to compete”.

they’re supposed to be a fun customization element.

but either way, there isn’t an easy fix for this.