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How about bringing another characters?

Ludia please just stop bringing the same characters every week.
Instead of Noah, Seth, Liam…
Bring back Hugo, Julian, Tomas and Tiros.
Why don’t you respond to our needs?!

I haven’t had Liam come back yet

For the longest time they seemingly always brought back Damian/Austin, Noah/Antoine, Skylar/Jaden, Albert/Jonathan with a few random other characters mixed in

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There’s several female characters that need to come back and a few guys too. Plus the dozen of so unreleased characters


So far I’ve had Rory come back briefly, Seth and Antoine. No one else. I don’t mind but I would like some variety. Blake’s seemed too short. I’d also like to continue with Jaden but there’s still a glitch with him :frowning:

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The topic creator was talking about the past few months not just weeks

I honestly can’t see Jamie anymore… same goes for Noah and the Idol guy. I just wish they would actually finish a story for once instead of repeating the same BS over and over again just to drag it out. It really sucks the fun right out of the game for me.