How about extracting DNA from defeated creatures?

Simple idea:

One point of the DNA of the defeated creature (eg.: you take down Indoraptor and lose 1:3, you got 1 DNA of Indoraptor, you take down three creatures - you got 1 DNA of each). It should work just like in the Daily Battle Incubator, so only Arena Battles (no friendly, no tournament, no events, etc.).

One of the advantages of such an idea will be a way to get rid of partial DNA points for hybrids (fuses give you multiples of 10, but from events, darting, incubators one could have some partial points).

Second: redistribution of creatures (but still you need 250 takedowns of unique to unlock it only from this source)


I love this idea! It would also give some incentive besides trophies to do PVP while waiting for incubators to open.


Ludia could also make a little money with this. Have an item for sale in the store called a “battle scavenger drone” or something, and charge dino bucks to use it to recover a small amount of dna from battles. Users get the dna we want, Ludia gets a little more revenue. Win-win.


I wouldn’t mind that. I just hope every one of my opponents starts using Irritator though too, haha


That’s actually a great idea. It would really help players

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Yes, great idea!

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I love this idea. They could make it 1 DNA for Uniqe’s, 2 for Legendary’s, 3 for epics, 4 for rare and 5 for commons.

Another alternate idea could be that what ever creature of ours that does the finishing blow on our opponents gains a DNA point or two depending on its rarity. I.E. battling makes it stronger.


J’aime l’idée. J’ai besoin d’irritator mais le jeu ne m’en donnera pas. Je vais me battre pour ça. :slight_smile:

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I agree, great ideas here!

What if no unique gives unique dna? Magna may grant irritator when you fight it.

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Did i broke rules? Post gone

It would make hunting useless for high lvl players. I could upgrade my Thor every few days.

Good idea, any Unique or Legendary dino could give it’s Common, Rare and Epic hybrid ingredients as DNA. No Legendary or Unique DNA tho. :wink:

Why not magna itself and save some time? :slight_smile:

Irritator would be a guaranteed kill every time. Magna is not. I fight some crazy Magnas.

Just do what I do and put 2 dracos on your team :rofl:

I can actually deal damage to nitrothors with those and maybe even take em down if I crit twice.

I never use Dracos on my team unless it’s a tournament. There’s no time for honor on those weekends. I just get extra tricky when i have to fight a Lord Magna. Sometimes it works.


Are you saying that in few days you play enough games to take down 200-300 Thors??? By a chance in the half of battles opponent will not have Thor (so you need 500), in some you will not take him down or it won’t show (so say 700-900).

But it could be caped to say 20/50 DNA per creature.

Could be bad luck but I face Thor in almost every battle, way above 50% and that’s for quite a long period of time. At the moment I would surely make 50 dna per day

50 DNA = 50 battles. Its more than 2h battling and in every single one you take down Thor. Possible but unlikely.

I think you over estimating this. Start writing numbers down for few days.