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How about fixing the game first


Instead of constantly throwing out tournaments how about fixing the game first? Like the massive bug that says you lose in the middle of a match?! This has happened 4 times in the last week alone and every time I reload the game I come back to my dinos half dead because apparently it only affects half of the participants! It is one thing to happen during regular play, but when it’s in the middle of a tournament is horrible! This needs to be fixed because it is messing up fair play!


Ludia: NOPE! We dont fix bugs, we create! We are Ludiaaaaa!!!


Agree. That bug should have been taken as a priority fix before starting any tournament. Same as they did with alliance missions, they should have taken a month of their time and get it done for once.


Ate you crazy? Fixing bugs in this game will take away from developing other news game that they can monetize and then break by not fixing bugs.

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Yeah if you spend some time looking at the forums for their other games you can see the same issues.

Ive been getting a good chuckle at all the accidental purchases and request for purchase confirmation warnings on their new dragons game.

The fact that you can make accidental purchases and they have a policy of not refunding them is something they design into their games for a little extra revenue.

Once you fully understand the evolve button is as big as it is so your more likely to accidentally hit it.

This is the type of Company your dealing with here… lower your expectations and the game is a little less stressful.


This is today even more relevant than ever. Please @Ludia_Developers, take as a serious goal fixing all the stability issues with JWA. Introduce fewer features and dinosaurs (or none at all) but deliver a stable game that can be actually played.


I read the first post and I didn’t even notice that it was a month ago.