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How about free level upgrade as a reward in strike event or rare incubator


As we level up the dinosaurs the challenge is to acquire enough money and DNA for upgrade. What if a upgrade single or multiple level of a Single dinosaur given as a reward in the strike event incubator or epic incubator?


Not sure to understand but when you Level up you gain more dna per shot, and more dna in incubator (but cash price up too).


Never going to happen.

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Level upgrade for dinosaurs not your profile level up


No, I mean you get coins and dna reward from the incubator, that’s what is used to level up dinos, so we don’t need a free level up on top of that for completing strike towers.

The new alliance missions have added a great opportunity for people to earn more coins and dna, and the increased 150m radius for opening supply drops, treasure chests and doing strike towers has increased many opportunities for people to grow.

Why the need to push things even further within a day of all the latest goodies that have been released?


Well i am suggesting to add it for epic incubator which comes like once in around 100 battles or in tough strike events…so it will be very rare…just a suggestion