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How about letting dodge also dodge negative effects if successful?

I guess dodge was nerfed too hard? I cannot find anyone using it anymore except swap-in dodge.
How about buffing it a bit? (still 66%)


How about… Dodge Boosts!!

You could use them to get a guaranteed 100% dodge on any Dino! If you were MAX boosted, you could dodge every attack!

This would give users a choice: Max boosted Armor or MAX boosted Dodge! Heck, why not BOTH ! ! !

100% Armor the dreaded Rat is no longer an issue. Problem solved there.

100% Dodge, Rat is unsuccessful 100% of the time!

Takes care of the over speedy opponents also! Instant 100% Dodge takes priority!

BAM! Lots of issues solved all at once!


The difference between dodge and rat and thor and boosts and whatever else people have been complaining about is that dodge never was an issue or hard to deal with. They nerfed it and now it’s completely useless. Would love to see some kind of buff for it, but don’t think there is going to be one. Still hoping they realize that it was a mistake to nerf it and they bring it back the way it was.


I’ve been saying this for a long time, even before the nerf. It doesn’t make any sense to dodge an attack and yet still be stunned or slowed.


You’ve obviously never had an Indo dodge 6 times in a match. It was definitely a problem.


Dodge was never a problem. There were more than enough nullify or swap-in effect abilities to counter dodge/cloak effects.


I have a nullifier and a bleeder in my team so no issues dealing with dodging indos.

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With the way dodge is now, I really feel like this should apply.

I’m in the boat where, even though dodging was a nuisance, I don’t think it deserved a nerf like this. I would have preferred it to be slightly different, but not to whatever this is.


Thank. You. I swear I thought I was the only one here that saw the problems with dodge. I run a null dino and 2 dinos with precise, and had problems. It was awful.


How can you have difficulties if you have that many counters for it? Not trying to be rude, just curious.

Something needed to be done about dodge but the went too far. I feel a 75/25 approach would have been better. Although keeping it the way it is but also dodging negative effects would be a way to bring it back


Totally agree. Tired of being unable to use my Indoraptor and Quetzorion properly because of its abusive nerf.

Why receiving a minimum of 33% of damage when dodging?

This has opened the door to overuse and abuse Thor and rats as they always know they will at least do around 1000/1500 damage. So any sidestep and cloak will be useless with less than 2000 HP.


Don’t most dodgers already have immunity? That dodging negative effects would be pointless.

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Quetzorion and indoraptor don’t


I am so glad they nerfed the dodge, it was almost as annoying as the rat in my opinion.

One dodge was bad, two crazy, but three was just so ridiculous!

People saying they run a nullifier and/or a bleeder maybe are luckier than I was, as if I bled Indo it would cleanse and wipe out my bleeder. The only nullifier that’s viable is Monostegotops and that certainly doesn’t get chosen every battle.

Procerathomimus is already way op, and if it had 100% evasive stance for 3 moves it would be the most annoying and op Dino ever. Erlidom would cloak 100% and everyone would be up in arms over getting their Thor wiped out in one shot.

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I haven’t seen that many quetzorions so forgot about that. I’m using procera, but haven’t used dodging after the nerf happened.

I would like to see dodging giving them attack or speed buff or something, that would help at least. Some of them already have that so it once again wouldn’t be a buff for all of them. They have so little hp and using dodge is currently just wasting a turn.

Why on earth would anyone use bleed before indo has used it’s cleanse? I use suchotator, he has been great as a nullifier and as a bleeder, procera is my other nullifier.

No one is asking for 100% dodge, procera or any other creature never even had that (I mean 100% chance to dodge). I would rather be battling against someone who dodges 3 times in a row than be dead in 3 turns against a thor or get trolled by a rat which keeps swapping in every turn. At least against a dodge I had 50% chance of hitting it. Why is everybody so protective about thor? Not dodgers fault if you invested all your boosts or coins whatever into one creature. Don’t make other players pay for your mistakes.

Procera can be killed very easily, its definitely not op.

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You would be surprised. Nearly every battle I have with my Indoraptor has someone hit her with a negative effect before I use cleanse. It’s weird but it happens frequently.


So what if there are only a few using them?

Quetzorion is really useful but is always a victim of a DC when receiving a cloaked rampage or even without being cloaked.

Dodge must be as it worked originally. Maybe some reduction of dodge on each turn would be great.

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So we literally have people complaining about dodge being op only because they didn’t know how to counter it or use counters, wow. And if I say that thor is op they tell me to get 5 counters for it and keep my mouth shut.

That’s not what I meant, I just simply forgot that it doesn’t have immunity. Now obviously there needs to be some kind of buff helping every dodger there is. The thing is it’s pretty difficult when we have so many different kind of dodgers. I would love to have dodge back to the way it was.

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