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How about no one shot until 2 turns in?

Ok…this may be a silly idea but losing an entire team before you even move is sort of lame IMHO.
Oppponent starts…One attack…Loss!

Is it weird to suggest a team kill can NOT take place until both players have at least one turn?

Fine…kill one first turn…not four! I am a bit peeved as this just happened to me two games in a row with ranged before I get a turn.

Yes, it is possible to wipe out a team work one shot…fine. Think of it as super block so you can at least do ONE thing before you die.


If a team is so powerful that they can one-shot your team through the initial block condition, then really it’s just saving both player’s time since you have no chance to win anyways.

Good point Rets

I’ve had it happen to me, enemy ranger wipe whole team as first move

Valid point.

Just frustrating…

I agree with rets that disallowing a one shot kill wouldnt do much more than delay the inevitable, at least with the way this game is set up. I do however believe that, especially with the initial block built in, that without a huge gear difference it should be near impossible to one shot someone who is of the same or higher level. You would think that someone who is the same level should be a little harder to kill than one shot. Once buffs and debuffs are added Into the mix it would be different.

It happens when you get a team of the lower health characters

Eg you mightn’t have any tanks/taunts and enemy archer gets fury and boom!

Nah, I get that difference in classes can have an effect like that. I just like to picture it like it might have some sort of real life consistency. If two people/creatures? Were at a similar level in their lifelong training and one was able to walk around and be ready with such a devastating shot at a moments notice, someone who was physically weaker should be walking around with a defense against a sudden shot like that. It should take a little bit of strategy in how you buff and or move around before you can kill your enemy. Like I said though, large disparity in gear would also make a difference in that.

Just to add a little observations I made nayeli dispel remove the initial block we get. I’m also wondering if she can remove the deathward raika get with her legendary item.

… that feels like a bug. @Jon?