How about reworking spawn chances of rares and epics for theme scents? Feels like wasting time

Just run 2 sauropod scents i bought (4 hundred bucks). Of the 38 possible spawns i got:
1 Argentinosaurus
2 Amargasaurus
2 Giraffatitan
33 Apatosaurus

Now, ok everything. But wouldn’t be more reasonable to increase a bit the rares and epics’ spawn chance?
I know, and i would be stupid to ask, that we can’t have a 30% epic spawn from these scents, but at least a 5% from epics and 25 for rares seems to me the least.
Something like:
66.7 % for commons
27.5 % for rares
5.8 % for epics

or like, easier:
70 % for commons
25 % for rares
5 % for epics

These percentages would also tempt more players to buy them, because there’s a real possibility that from 19 spawns one is likely to be an epic one, when now with 1.51% chance is obviously more based on luck. And the fact that there is a limit for the number of purchases in the shop is Ludia’s way to control the output of a certain type of DNA.
If you want players to play your game, let them play!
Or if you don’t want, at least call it “Apatosaurus scent” and not “Sauropod” haha
What do you think?


100% true.

I would also pay a bit more for a higher chance.
25% rare and 5% epic sounds really good.

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I got 16 apatosaurus, an argent, and 2 brachi from 1. That’s the luckiest scent when it comes to epics for me. But the epic chances should be increased

I think you’ve made a remarkably patient post about something that I would have been a lot more upset over. So kudos to you for that.

The only thing I find worthwhile to purchase in this game now is the trainer pack on a Monday as it speeds up the progress in building sanctuaries.

But your points are well made and hopefully Ludia will take some notice and improve the chances of getting something decent from a purchased item

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I agree. I did run a Winter scent (I had saved the last 2) couple weeks ago and got 2 mammoths, which made me happy enough. But my 2nd one was useless. And as for the ptera scent from last week, I got a Tupan and then just commons, which means 100% useless (didn’t even dart anything). The current chances don’t stimulate me to buy those scents at all.

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