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How about some daily/ weekly achievement?

Seriously ,the achievement system is too much tedious.:unamused:
I think some achievements require longer time period to complete with better reward is great.
In the other hand, add some daily / weekly achieve, similar to the daily mission in other mobile games, shouldn’t it also effective to activate achievement system?

For example:

Daily (reset on EDT 10:00 am per day)
Dart 10 dinos - 50 darts
Reach excellent dart grade 3 times - 10 cash
Reach outstanding dart grade 1 time - 10 cash
Walk 1km - 1000 coins
Spin 10 supply drop - scent capsule
Complete at least 3 daily achievement - small / large(VIP) incubator

Weekly (reset on EDT 10:00 am every Monday)
Dart 100 dinos - rare scent
Dart 20 rare dinos - large incubator
Dart 10 epic dinos - rare incubator
Reach excellent dart grade 30 times - 150 cash
Reach outstand dart grade 10 times - 150 cash
Walk 10km - 15000 coins
Win 20 arena battles - 200 cash
Spin 150 supply drop - large scent *2
Complete 50 event dino attempts - weekly theme rare incubator
Complete at least 5 weekly achievements - epic incubator + epic scent(VIP only)

I randomly set up all these achievement, because this is just a rough concept for discussion.:sweat:

I know any additional reward given to players seems no benefit for operators.
But in long turn, you must let players want to keep playing your game, isn’t it?


Great and reasonable ideas @Tarbosaurus!

I like the sound of this :+1:
Daily and weekly achievements would definitely spice up the game for me and my gf. I also feel like some more difficult achievements would also be good as I have already completed all of the achievements and I like to have something to work towards. Currently I just try to make my own such as, level this dino up to 20, or create this dino before I allow myself to upgrade any others.
Great suggestion

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I like the weekly achievement ideas!

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