How about something else?

Is someone else also fed up this Raid prize?


Maybe it will get another hybrid like those sinoceratops/Spinosaurus in camp Cretaceous.

It’s a shame that it wasn’t used for albertospinos :man_facepalming: Would have been a good way to use it up.


Not sure if I missed the reason why, but I have never understand why that’s the only epic reward from raid incubators

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No because Erlikospyx could have a megahybrid


I know Tryos isn’t even everyone’s go to for raids but it’s dumb why epic Bary is the only epic minion in a raid and still hasn’t been added to raid incs

The assumption is, that it will be used with sinoceratops to make a hybrid, because that was mentioned in the camp Cretaceous TV show which has been a source for a lot of other creatures used in the game.