How about special event in Week 11?


Anyone know special event in the next week.

Boring Featured Creatures Week

Someone posted this lastnight


And it caused a huge argument and got the thread deleted. I hope it doesn’t happen again :+1:


Well… I hope it does :joy::joy: :smirk:


We’re too naughty for this place :wink:


So some people do like getting surprised last moment/late like pop-ups coming after the event started and think it’s a spoiler to know the things in advance!

If you are on the Facebook Fan group, someone has posted the next week event in details with screenshots of each day!! Not sure how, maybe he/someone he knew was part of the UAT/testing.
But now knowing the event beforehand, I have already planned what to collect, which day I have to take time out etc. in advance!


Next week’s event is ****
1 Dino worth getting is kento, that’s it


It should be on Twitter, it was last week.


Need to got koola an. Dedicate the rest to kentro


1 legendary in a week, plz.


Do you mean Epic because I don’t see a legendary in the list


This is from the official twitter page.


Nice, Tuojangosaurus too! That one needs to get to Lvl 20 ^^


Tuojiangosaurus and the epics on saturday are the only things interesting…



True enough but it’s still free DNA


I think they’re only more interesting because they’re labeled as epic. I think the common dinosaurs are still cool.


Aside from the monolopasurus gen 2 my home area is swarming with the other 2! Don’t really need anything this week! I need a 24-48 shot of irritator now to go with my pyroraptor!