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How about Swap-in Nullifying Dodge?

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this suggestion.

Swap in dodge is, overall, pretty decent. But it’s still the “weakest” of the avoidance moves, taking 66% of the damage. However, the dinos that have it - particularly Monomimus and Quetzorion, have fairly low HP overall. If I swap in on an Erlidom using rampage, that’s about a third of the HP knocked off.

If Erildom uses cloak and I have to swap in (perhaps as a last resort), I’ll lose a whopping 2 thirds of the HP, even more if Erlidom crits. And of course, more often than not, that then leaves Quetz open to a DC attack, meaning I’ve lost my potentially only counter to the opponent’s Erildom.

Considering Quetz and Monomimus are both higher tier dinos and do have low HP, how about it? Yay? Nay? As I said, I’d like to hear thoughts.

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The ‘multiple effects in a single move’ thing is an ugly trend that I would like to see stop.

I vote no. Sometimes you just have to lose.


I think swap in dodge was totally fine before the dodge nerf. If there was a way for them to make swap in dodge avoid 100% of damage again, that would be great


I like the idea of swap-in dodge evading all damage. I still enjoy thinking of a giant sloth that has “Late Swap-In,” so the battlefield is empty until after the opponent’s move is spent. Nothing happens at all :joy:

I think swap in stun is the worst of all swap ins. Dodge is a guaranteed “dodge” while you get thrashed if your stun fails. 66% feels more like 6%


Agreed. Usually when I swap in Mono, the stun is more important than the damage. It’s debilitating when it fails… so often.

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