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How about the ability of leaders or co-leaders to kick spamming creatures

I have several members of my alliance who are placing stego, veloci and other unnecessary creatures in sanctuaries and other players can’t place their rarer creatures, which they need. So I was wondering, since anyone in the alliance can kick out anybody, which I don’t agree with, shouldn’t leaders and Co-leaders be able to expell such spamming creatures from sanctuaries?


That seems more like an organization problem. You should talk to your alliance and tell them what your methods are.


This is a pet peeve of mine! I have put god knows how many requests in the alliance chat for this to stop but still it goes on. Your suggestion is a great idea :slight_smile:

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Sanctuaries don’t belong to Alliances. They are a public game element that anyone can use.


Absolutely. But if I open a sanc and that sanc is being used by my alliance members (usually exclusively) I don’t think I’m unjustified in my annoyance when this request is ignored.

In this instance it is alliance members continuly placing wrong creatures and not the public.

OP, if you’ve talked to them before about this and the methods behind the way you place creatures in sancs, by all means they should be held responsible for their actions. Hold true to what you promise. If they can’t follow the rules of the alliance they are in, they can find a new one.

I do beleive thst the higher positions in the alliance should be able to juggle around creatures in the sanctuaries that they are shared on, rather than just outright removing them. This would allow leaders to remove unwanted creatures from their sanc building by placing them in a different sanctuary. The person who placed them still has creatures in a sanctuary rather than just outright kicking them out since they are public spaces.


Sadly I’ve given up asking them. I don’t want to be too heavy handed and kick folk so figured I just gots to put up with it :frowning:

Kicking players out because they placed a creature is not at all a good idea. It’s better to communicate with them. Sanctuaries are not exclusive for an individual or an alliance.

Better thing to do is make sanctuaries like raid bosses. One that creates the lobby can make it private so others can’t join but they can make one for themselves.

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The community had the option to name sanctuaries and have a way to lock out anyone not invited to a named sanctuary.

Instead the community chose to have coloured markers for their dinos!

Players who put what they like into sanctuaries because they are a public thing is no excuse. Especially if they are in the alliance that is building the sanctuary.


Sounds like a good idea

Sanctuary rules are kinda a big thing for most alliances.
What would I do?
Grandfather those in your alliance, but let new people know what the rules are and boot them if they break them.
Once that’s established, begin weeding out those in your alliance that continue to break the rules either by most habitual, or most expendable.
You gotta let them know they cant just keep messing over the rest of the alliance.
The alliance is bigger than any individual.
Even if they are a huge contributor.

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honestly I voted on the poll to be able to name or tag sanctuaries that would have really been useful in controlling access and clearing rules among allies… it’s almost unreal the silly / useless bookmarks feature won…

So did I @Carno_Raptor but sadly it seems that we and anyone else who voted for this were in the minority.

I have yet to find a use for the coloured markers and it honestly beggars belief that we got them instead of the opportunity to name and ‘own’ sanctuaries.

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We will boot anybody doing silly things like that. But we usually only have one themed sanctuary.

I’ve mentioned this before on other threads but I think each Alliance should have a virtual sanctuary that only appears to them and in the Alliance tab of the game. Give the Alliance leader full control over that and problems like this solved.

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