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How about the Clan setting?

I did really enjoy playing this game, but I really feeling bad about the clan features. I have experience in other game like SuperCell game (Clash of clans, Clash Royale, Brawl stars etc.), their clan setting is more better than any else game isn’t it?
So here is the comparison (in my opinions):

  1. SuperCell game can search for the clan by filter or search by name including the clan point beside as the reference, doesn’t require any # code or any else.
  2. SuperCell game gives many positions to the clan members, e.g. co-leaders, elders. However moat of the games just gives leader or one co-leader only.
  3. SuperCell game generally contain friendly battle, create competition in between the clan member. However most of the game doesn’t input this idea.
  4. SuperCell game allows the player to search for other clan even when you’re already in a clan. Also SuperCell game also include 3 types of recruitments:
    i. Anyone can join
    ii. Need permission to join
    iii. Cannot join the clan

Conclusively, some clan features really have room of improvement, how about refering some of the best game on how they setup the clan setting for a better playing experience. SuperCell game is one of the best company for others as the reference regarding the clan setting. Clash Royale could be more similar types of game to Dragons Titan Uprising.