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How about this idea?


So, you know how during the battle tutorial Owen says the defeated dino needs to rest? How about this… A 12 dino team, 4 get picked for a battle, and defeated dinos have a 1 battle cool down and they can’t get picked for the arena right away again. Or even EVERY dino picked for one battle has a 1 battle cool down, so you can’t get the same dino 2 battles in a row. Get it?

I like it. Anyone else? Could really shake things up.


so… then what takes place of the 4 that just got benched to fill in the empty slots on now a 12 team?

or would it be an 8 team with a 4 bench that gets rotated somehow?

not a bad idea that way we dont have dinos left out that we have leveled up. and it would water down the probability of the enemy pulling dg2 lol.


Nice concept…
I would hate to have to swap out dinos constantly…
I like the game how it is at the moment.
Not a lot of rants, the little draco gen 2 getting some love, and even better playerbase, and so much more!


knowing how ludia works they would put the dinos rest for one day xD. I think that it’s for JWTG?? i don’t like the idea but maybe in some events should be a restriction in the pick of the dinos on doing some towers


knowing ludia im surprised they havent required coins to revive the dinos :joy::joy:

dont get any ideas ludia lol


I like the idea. Ludia should like the idea. Having to raise up 12 battle worthy dinos means more :moneybag: for Ludia. Or free players like me will take a lot longer to get up there arena wise. I’m looking at my dino’s and only have 10 that I would consider battle worthy so I would have a couple that are only good for a single raptor like hit and could be taken out in one hit by a 2X first hit dino.

Having dinos getting into the 20’s means I can only level a dino or two a week. I have 5 dino’s in the Que for leveling.

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Don’t be offended if I flag that comment so it’s hidden…

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