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How about this update should come in the game?

How about they add the ‘Eruptodon’ Legendary dragon to this game? And the place where the the legendary dragon eruptodon lives is on the volcano on the island where Throk and his queen, Mala lives. The ledendary dragon Eruptodon will do a boost in defend where dragon will have more health and damage. I am sure the ones who watched race to the edge season 3, defenders of the wing , they introduced as to throk, mala and the eruptodon. so i would like if they add the island where the throk and mala lives and in the island, the eruptodon lives plus the island where the eruptodon lives and throk and mala lives also can have bridges that leads to other small islands. by doing this people could have more spaces to place their dragons. i also thought that the island could be unlocked without getting the eruptodon legendary dragon cuz if they don’t do it, players will be mad that to get the island you have to unlock the eruptodon and that might take months or years. So i guess that players can get the island without unlocking the eruptodon. i also thought that in island, there will be more sawmills and fish haunt so that players could have more spaces to send dragon to collect wood and fish and earn them easily and more places to get iron. Plus i thought that in the island there will be another hangar for players to keep more dragons. We have also been introduced to sage fruit in race to the edge season 3 defenders of the wing series, so i thought players will be able to trade wood or fish or runes something else that the developers will make in exchange for sage fruits. Now with all of them said i think some people will be mad cuz after you unlock the eruptodon, there will be not many new things cuz the new island can be unlocked without unlocking the eruptodon. so i don’t have any ideas about it. that is what i have to say about the update that should ( or maybe) come out in a update. who else agrees with it?

Edit: i also thought that they could make a way to see other players who also plays rise of berk and can friend them ( if some wants too). I also thought that players can challenge other players in brawl in online. I thought the players who are friend with other players can trade with them but then, i thought that if this happens, people will scam each other, so i thought that trading doesn’t need to come in the game. Then i thought that players can see other players berk and see their dragons and stuff like that. They can touch the dragons and see what type of dragons are they and their levels but not more than that. I also thought they could add the characters, Throk and Mala. I don’t know exactly that they can add Throk and mala, it is the developers choice. And the last thing i want to happen in a update, is that when someone complete achievements, they will get a reward for doing cuz without it, what is the point of the achievements and the points of completing it? it is useless and doesn’t affect the game. So i thought they should make a update in which players will get rewards for doing the achievements. Who else agrees?

Edit: Now after the 1.57.14H update on this game. if some one does the achievements, they will get some XP in there google account ( if they log into google play games) but still i want them to do where people will get in-game rewards for doing the achievements. I hope they do it.


That’s a good idea @Ramin396 they should also add a way to play with real people


yep, they should do it, @Anime, i now edited my post and told many things ( that i forgot to write in the post) that maybe ( or should) come out in Rise of Berk.

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