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How achievable are level 5 in the alliance missions?


My alliance has been able to achieve both level 4 missions in the last two weeks. We aren’t really close to level 5 and we’ve had an internal discussion about this and whether I should be booting members for not being active for 3 consecutive days. I’m tracking trophy counts and if it stays the same after 3 days, I consider you inactive and I give you the boot. So, my questions are:

  1. How many others are able to achieve either of the level 5 missions?
  2. Is my 3 day rule reasonable?

By the way, our alliance is always full at 50 and we have a spread of players from 500-4500 trophy counts.


Exploration is fairly easy to achieve for an active alliance with decent numbers.

Defense is a lot harder due to battles, although playing friendly battles within the alliance helps. But Not as many alliances reach rank 5 on defense compared to exploration.

Speaking of alliance rewards, since when did they remove coins from the reward incubator?


You should be able to get exploration 5 fairly easily. I’d say that many of your members are not so active.


I had not noticed the coin issue, but you are right.


Agreed, I booted 11 members last week due to inactivity, which means others are carrying the team.


Defence rank5 missions are quite tough cuz of 4000 battles which is time consuming but exploration missions rank5 is bit easier to achieve. We’ve completed it in 3.5-4 days.


I’m bumping this with a question. Should the defense missions requiring incubators be less so level 5 is obtainable by more alliances?


It became even more difficult since 1.7 is out. :frowning:


Arena battles do not work for me at the moment. Our Alliance has got up to rank 3 on both missions but we won’t get any higher with the current issues.


There are so many that lost patience since 1.7, but even prior to that we have never made it.


My alliance started out 4-3 for the first few week and went down to 3-3. This week it will be 3-2 because of the issues. I see it possible to hit the 3-3 but the reward isn’t worth it for that one to bother pushing.


It would be better if the rewards were more enticing for sure!


Sure! Especialy the defense rewards. The exploration rewards, at least, contains sinoceratops that is needed for two uniques and triceratops gen 2 that can help creating and leveling up the rat :wink:


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