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How am i doing

How would you say I’m doing in terms of my line up so far for my level.

There is no really answer for this, because everybody has a different playing behaviour. For example the ones are playing extremely much and the others just login like twice a day. You shouldn’t not ask yourself whether your lineup is good compared to your level. It is better in my opinion to just look forward what you can improve in your lineup.


Your lineup is alarmingly similar to mine xD
You’re doing okay. Don’t worry, it’s not unbalanced.

Should I create a indom Rex soon or stick to the T-Rex and Velociraptor.

Stick to the rex and raptor till you have a stronger lineup. Believe me, I am also in the exact same situation, but for me it’s more of patience 'cas I have all resources required to make an Indominus, even right now at this second, but due to lineup imbalance, I’m not… xD