How am I supposed to defeat anurognathus?

Every time I have encountered this thing it has 3-0 me or at the very least 2 1/2 then swapped. I do have issues with other flocks but I have been able to at least find ways to deal with them but this thing I have not been able to find a solution for.

My team is sarcorixis, titanoboa, spinotasuchus, tarbognathus, dimodactylus, dracoceratops, compsognathus, diplodocus.

Since this thing reduces damage diplo group attack is rendered useless plus it probably also has dodge up so it likely wont even kill a single part of the flock. The only time this match up might be a win for me is if we both send out the dinos at the start not that there isnt anything preventing it from taking my big nuke and then swapping now that I do no damage. The permanent speed buff makes sure this thing is faster then anything I can have. The bs 2 hit one attack makes sure any other flock is rendered useless. The 2 turn instead of 3 heal, like every other flock has, makes sure that it has the staying power without worry not to mention it still gets a swap in heal. Then we have the great cleanse dot no cd ability so dot is also out of the question. Finally if I ever did magically find a way to kill this thing, probably after losing 2 dinos, it has swap immunity so itll just be back next turn. I dont see any way of handling this thing baring tyrant class and some group priority dinos.


Anurognathus correct?

Should be able to kill it easy

Can anyone help with this? I need to go to sleep

With diplodocus, if you can get the read with your resilient strike on its dodge move, it should just absolutely melt this thing. Try going resilient strike and THEN your rampage. If you want to play more defensively, try shield advantage, then resilient strike, then rampage. Either way, your diplodocus shouldnt die, unless they’re higher levels than you


If I remember correctly, ankylodic is another option if you have her. Her bulk should keep her from dying.


I think that Edmontoguanodon can even do it now with her recent move change

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Antarctopelta can beat Anurognathus
First use the Impact and then use superior vulnerability


If you want an option that’s a cunning, I’m pretty sure that argenteryx beats it too

Megalotops can help too


If you play defensively megalotops can come out way higher


I do think megalotops or argenteryx are the best options here, since they can swap in on this thing and win. (Only swap argenteryx in on the healing move, or the turn after it is used. If you swap turn one you WILL lose.)


Both teryx and megalotops discourage swaps too. Teryx heals on swaps and megalotops does a camouflage that gives it crit chance

Cervalces can beat Anurognathus sometimes


Anuro really isn’t that big of a threat.

Its output isn’t that great and it’s best at stalling.

Your best bet against it are extremely tanky resilients such as ankylodicurus. Argenteryx is another option. Also, if your DIPLODOCUS is losing to them, then you’re doing something wrong. Resilient strike into group decel rampage just kills them. Heck, rixis and boa do decently against them.


Yep, I agree. Antarcto’s a great counter

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But diplo is better it can bypass absorb

antarctopelta’s impact also bypass absord :roll_eyes: