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How am I supposed to win?

This is today’s unlock for me. I don’t understand how to win because I will need to do it again 2 more times against stronger dinos.


It is hard but not impossible, youl have to wait for anky and ophia to come off cooldown then use anky to reserve and ophia to sweep


You can do it! Like Aether was saying use anky to build up as much reserves as you can, sacrifice it and then take em out with Ophiacomimus. You can definitely get this one done.


Thanks! I’m going to try and hopefully win!


Thats all u faced? im at the same lvl as u I fought lvl10 tournament carnivores

I think it’s based on your lineup so that’s why it might be different creatures you face. Also we’re you able to win?

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Yup I used 1 fodder lvl30 unaysaurus and lvl20 stegoceratops

That’s nice. If I need to should I make an anklyosurous and stegaceratops?

ankyloducos for sure I dont know its cooldown but stegoceratops lvl 20 has a 7hrcooldown so I think it will be around that

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Ok I will try to win and if I cant then I will fuse them.

K nice good luck!

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Update I tried 3 more times and I couldn’t win so I give up. Maybe this Dino will come back soon so I can try again. gg to the game, you beat me.

Noo. Please don’t give up! Carnoraptor is very important, you will want a Carnotaurus a lot later on. Use Ankylosaurus and Ophiacomimus. Just keep blocking until turn 4 and then sacrifice your Ankylosaurus by using 4 reserves. Opponent will use all of his 4 attack points. Then attack 3, block 3 and reserve 2. And you have enough time to make yourself a level 20 Stegoceratops or a level 30 Ophiacomimus if you still can’t win.

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I am trying to get the osofrikasourus Dino. The level 55+ one.

You can use Ankylosaurus or Stegosaurus, then Ophiacomimius like they said.

Anky reserve 1 to start. Then keep blocking enough to survive until he will have 3 or more unknowns (if you have 2 moves and he only has 3, you block 1 and reserve 1 since you can survive 2 hits). If he has 3 or more unknowns, I would likely reserve all.

If you take a hit, then see if you can survive only 1 hit or 0. Once you can no longer survive a hit, I like to reserve 3 and attack the rest (this is assuming the AI has 4 moves). If you can still take a hit, you can block 3 and reserve 1 still or reserve all 4 and hope the AI attacks all 4 assuming it thinks you’ll block 2.

Once Anky is done, you should have 7 or 8 moves and hopefully he has 0. Attack 3, block 3, and reserve the rest (1 or 2). Hopefully his last dino attacks all since he can KO you in two hits. Then you attack all and its over.

Edit: remember, if you can’t take a hit, but you have the same amount of moves as him, you can still block all and guaranteed to survive until you get to the point you have 4 moves.


no, stegocertops and better, he has a super hybrid😒

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10 characters

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I did it!!! But now I have more to face. :frowning:


Ostaposaurus is an amazing hybrid too!

How it went?

Used the anky and ophimamimus and did how @Gulam_Farooq told me and I won.