How are fused DNAs calculated?


Not sure if this was discussed before or if there is already existing reference.

It can be quite disheartening to harvest hundreds of DNA from multiple creatures, only to get 10 or 20 fused DNA for creating a legendary. Making it hard for us to plan exactly how much DNA we need.


I agree @d3lta1ima, for legendaries u should at least get 20 or 30 a fuse, not 10 …its totally ridiculous!


I spend much more time than others to build up my I-raptor, just because it always give me 10 10 10…

Don’t know the detail fusing chance, but I remember 10 DNA 40% or more chance.
We really need 20 DNA guarantee for Legendary/Unique.


Check this

Average DNA Per Fusion

So just keep catching every single dna you can, darts can be easilly refilled, but you cannot forecast the amount of dna you need to create / upgrade your dinos.
My experience: Average about 10.2 to create my Indominus Rex :rage: , average about 40 to create my Stegodeo. :heart_eyes:


Ah… so in other words it’s pretty much a game of slot machine. Then I must have pretty bad luck these days. Haven’t gotten anything more than 30 I guess…


I create my Indominus with ALL 10 except for the last fusion, so now I am updgrading her and… I am taking 30. So yes bad luck but hopefully it will be better :wink: