How are people boosting mortem rex?

I’m a ways off yet from making it but, what’s considered the optimal way? Speed, health, damage - balanced?

148 speed…Just imagine

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Bit of each. It’s great if it’s faster than most tanks and chompers, but it doesn’t have to be nitro. A lot of health is nice to be able to survive magna, and a bit of damage to make it chomp through everything.
I’d even put a lvl30 at 10/10/10 but so far it’s 26 at 5/5/5.

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It would be outsped by most speedsters and have little damage and health. As tempting as that is it’s not recommended

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Most,but not them all.
And moreover,it have cleanse impact to kill them.

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L26 just doesn’t cut it for me in the arena, so I’m using it for raids for now.
Roar on T1 is like Thor in 2.1
We will probably be phasing Thor out for it next week when everyone starts unlocking it for early minion clearing.
When I do get it up to snuff for the arena it will most likely be a Thor build with a focus on attack and speed and using it as a closer.
But by then I have no clue what the stats/moves will be.


What’s it’s base stats, played against my first 1 earlier, not to put a finer point on it trashed my team, it’s stats were H 5737 dam 2450 sp 120 , in the aviary.

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I saw one aswell:


Probably a different player to the 1 I played there present trophy count was over 5000 so probably spends there time in the library, same as your opponent.

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I couldn’t counter it , I just hope it’s not gunna become the norm, I’m a long way off being able to create 1 ,

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I will have mine next week.Be prepare,there will be huge wave of player which will unlock it in the next 3 weeks.
The only thing which will make them hesitate will probably their lack of boost.
Which lead to the next issue:the next boost reset is gonna be a pain.

Sadly that also means more players will give up playing, I have no dna for him & unlikely too for a while , there r already players that are unsatisfied with the currant game play , what the answer is I don’t know in all honesty, I guess players get tired so decide to move on .

I’m afraid ludia send Apex out because people start to leave Jwa more and more.
The idea is nice,and 2.0 was a step into the right direction.
But making Apex stronger than uniques is a mistake,soon the arena will be fill with those unbeatable monsters obtainable only by raids,which will crush lower player and probably disgust the veteran which have maxed the “hard to make” exclusives uniques,seeing their babies stomp by an Apex obtainable by everyone.
You add the problem of speed boost which keep destroy the logic of the game and there you go.
I think this is the last year of Jwa before the devs work on another project.

I really hope i am wrong,but i don’t like the futur actually.

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I’m sadly in agreement with you , from what you’ve said about mortem the power divide between players will widen, which will cause misery & frustration, it’s as you said the game entering its twilight faze , somehow I would hope we’d be wrong ,but I’ve been considering it’s future since 2.0 update , I guess I’m not the only 1 , :blush:

The only good thing which can happen is ludia reacting when we will get tons of Apex in the arena,
The people will probably start to flood the forum with complain topic but until this moment:wait and see.
All the apex are delayed bombs,they are long to get but once you start,you need between 7 to 14 month to max it to lvl 30.

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Great point , I’ll probably keep playing for now , but as we both agree see where it all goes, pvp isn’t fun now if the boost system gets a rework then that could shake things up just wait n see I guess.

That’s what you want me to do! You want me to expose my secrets and give away my strategy! Nice try!

Well, the last boost reset was only a few weeks ago, and everybody who has been working on Mortem Rex knew they would get it about now… If they didn’t plan to keep some boosts for it back then, I’m not worrying about them to much since they may lack forward thinking/strategy.

As far as worrying about it in arena, so far, it’s good, but it’s not that bad to deal with. I guess worst in the lower one, since lower players with low dinos could do the raids within a supportive alliance. As other have said, I also see it more as a replacement for Thor 2.1 in raids, but helpful in arena, so worth boosting. (Let say better than Dilo which is really helpful in raids, but so-so in arena). Because of that, sure enough, we will see a lot of them in the next few weeks.

You guys are worrying about nothing!

Mortem is easily beatable, no worse than the boosted Thor’s infesting the arena.

I should know as I was one of the first to unlock it. And I’m seriously thinking of dropping it, despite having it at level 27 with 27 boosts applied. Plenty of players who unlocked it have tried it and dropped it already.

So stop worrying unnecessarily!

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So how many boosts r on a mortem with 5737 Health 2450 damage 120 speed & what r his base stats please