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How are players communicating during raids?

There doesn’t seem to be any way to chat with other players while raid is active.
How are we supposed to discuss who heals, who does DPS, etc??


The little emote messages are sort of helpful, but the main chat needs a separate scroll for sure. All the donation requests are buried in raid discussion!


Would be nice if a chat section in the Raid Lobby was implemented. Also adding that during Raids would def be useful, helping plan/attack strategically


PhoenixStarr started a discord to discuss raids strategies and anything else JWA

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Yeah Discord is the go to for planning strategy, but DURING THE FIGHT, I can’t tab out to read the chat or else JWA freezes up for 15 seconds.

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Raids aren’t THAT difficult anyway. Anybody on the forums knows this game good enough to KNOW THEIR ROLL. And the raid tells you what move the boss is going to perform ahead of time.

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I’ve got a raid chat on the server in discord. Perhaps if someone gets a team together ahead of time before launching the raid maybe they could plan everything out through discord as to who does/focuses on what? I love the whole raid idea and concept however I don’t think the creators thought everything through thoroughly enough.

All I do is keep in mind how long the cool downs take, base my creature selection on what the other players have already picked, pay attention to what the boss is doing, and what the other players are doing.

Like, in today’s raid, one other player and I both used Paramoloch. The first two turns or so we both waited to see what the other would do first before I realized mine was the faster Para. So from that point on, we would work off of each other to make the best use of Paramoloch’s shielding and healing abilities, while watching to see what the boss was doing to use Cleansing Strike or Instant Charge accordingly.

Didn’t really need a chat (although one would be helpful), and we still managed to bring the boss down.

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I’m relatively new to this forum (only a couple days) and someone had created a thread about needing friends for raids. Being fairly new apparently there are limits as to how many replies you can leave in a day (go figure :woman_shrugging: LoL) so I thought I’d start a new thread. I suggested using a communication app like Line, Discord, or even KakaoTalk. I have all three so to me it’s no biggie. Someone had already replied they had discord so I went ahead and created a new server for Jwa. Currently there’s just a main chat channel and then one dedicated to raids to be able to coordinate raids. If anyone else is interested you can add me on Discord my username is PhoenixStarr#2289. Also the link for the channel should be I believe you should just be able to click on that and it take you there. Hopefully with me creating this topic and such is okay!

A discord has been created for JWA where you can talk about raids and come up with strategies. Even get team and Dino advice. It was started by PhoenixStarr79. It’s a great place to come talk to others about JWA.

Created a channel, add my discord Mayhem#2042, send me a screenshot of the dino/dinos you intend to raid with, to show me your serious about it, this is for mortem rex mainly, could be used for smilo aswell i suppose ! :smile: ,

Lets make raiding slightly easier👊

Do you have an invite link?

Add my tag, oh and if some1 needs proof this works, we downed it second try with randoms from this channel !:wink:


This you? Sent a friend request


yep, so “easy” that my alliance finished only sino boss up til now.

we can’t change choice. if i choose a move and another player chooses some non compatible move, i could change but i can’t, neither my team.

i’d like to see someone finishing mortem for example, without strategy communication.

Uhhh it’s pretty easy actually. Healer just needs to see the moves coming and act accordingly. Bajatadon is a perfect choice for that battle. The rest just need to break shields, slow, and distract.

We aren’t lol you plan it out before hand.