How are the epic and rare towers distributed?

This is not normal !!! It seems that they laugh at us although I want to think that it is not that, simply that they do not know more.

This morning 0 epic assaults in my range and 0 out of range (also 0 rare towers and 0 out of range). As I am confined I took the opportunity to go shopping to try to find one, but no, 2 km by car and nothing. Lost assault, as for 90% of the alliance.

Today there are two epic assaults:
The epic “spring” assault that I have 5 in rank and 3 more out of range …
The epic “nest” assault that I have none in range and only see one far out of range

I ask in my alliance and the same thing happens to many. It is impossible to be a matter of chance :frowning:

I’m pretty sure the other 2 that you don’t see are the night strikes. As we had for the past fee weeks due to the quarantine thrre are more strikes but they are split into 2. First 12 hours it’s the ones currently appearing(epic and common) and then after that should be the other 2, so just wait for the 12 hours on these to expire. That’s how ludia makes it easier to all be in range because if all 4 were on at the same time chances are some would be out of range. At least that’s what I think it is, since we had it like that for 3 weeks now.

There is 2 epic towers right now, one is 24h and the other is 12h. So you better find that other epic tower now if you want it done.

I only see one of the bad epic towers and almost 30 of the good ones on my map and from what some people posted their screens here it’s the same. So the good one is way more common anyway. The rare one will be the night one then. Also, if the ad epic one isn’t in range, I wouldn’t bother… it gives nothing useful really

Now the 2 tower appeared next to the Apatorex. The one this morning never appeared but it seems this issue was solved …

What’s the difference between bad and good epic tower, they give the same amount of dna and coins.

Already did them both, got same amount of rewards from them.

Nevermind I meant the epic grey one that only gives 1600 coins. Didn’t notice that there are 2 actual epic strikes at all. But still, they are very common and almost every drop on my map has an epic strike on it.
Also there have been weird drop updates at some ponts during the day as now with the tenontorex. That has been going on for 3 fays now since the paramoloch fiasco.