How are the winning/losing medals/trophies determined?

So after grinding this tournament for so long, and getting 20 for a lot of wins, and 40 for most losses, I’m really curious to know how the game determines how many medals you get for each win, and how many you lose for each loss.

It has been said in the past that it’s based on team strength difference and trophy gap between you and opponent, but I have found myself many times winning against a team with Gemini and Mammolania, who is several ranks higher than me on the leaderboard and only getting 20 medals. This is very annoying because even if I win 3 and lose 2, I am somehow dropping in medals sometimes!

Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know how they are actually determined? Is it maybe based on arena team medals/strength even in the case of a tournament?


Its completely random.

Ludia has no idea. In fact they don’t even calculate trophy count correctly on the back end. They sent someone in my alliance a breakdown of their matches after they questioned it, and the trophy counts support sent over weren’t accurate.

So they have something wrong on the backend which keeps them from properly distributing trophies. So it’ll never be fair or even because Ludia thinks it is working correctly.


You bet I have the same problem!

On my second account I haven’t even created a unique Dino yet. It’s at level 15 and I entered this tournament as it was free for the crack.

So I have 3 epics and 5 legendaries in my team of 8 and I get matched in my first battle with someone running 8 uniques. I get lucky and win, only to be somewhat perplexed at getting 20 trophies.

Ah well I thought, try again. So I go up against a team of 6 uniques and 2 legendaries. It’s close and my IndoR gen 2 gets me the win. Nice, but once again I get 20 trophies.

Both the players I beat are level 20 and I figure in for a penny, in for a pound and try again. This time my weakest 4 are chosen and I lose 3-0 to a team of 4 unique and 4 legendary. And yes… you guessed it I lose 40 trophies.

What a joke, absolutely farcical and there is no way there is any logic applied here.

Way to go Ludia to upset the players with such a ridiculous algorithm that punishes lower players.


A while back I suggested using a Chess style ELO system rather than the current trophy win/loss. For some reason it wasn’t well received even though I think it would better than the system being used presently.

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I think ELO might work fine in skill tournaments, but not so much in the arena, since team strengths and stuff are very different. But since I’m mainly talking about skill tourneys here, I suppose that would work in this case.

It’s insane. -40 per loss and +20 per win is insane. It has nothing to do with your opponent’s points.

They know that medals awarded/deducted are bugged. Sent support ticket after last weeks tournament where 20 medals for win, opponent not appearing and frozen app(once) costed me 1500 Rhino dna as I felt out of top 250. With 30 medals awarded for each win, I would be in top 250. In replied they said they are working on the problem, but they don’t know when will be fixed.

They’re always working on the problem and not sure when it will get fixed. Instead of fixing them they add new features and add new bugs to other features and. It know how to fix it either.

really not a fan of having to win 3 matches to get ahead of 1 loss. it’s getting really annoying.


I feel the exact same way. But then you know there must be people getting 40 per win and 20 per loss and it’s even more frustrating

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i’ve only gotten a couple of 40s. and those were really close matches.

Surely when they changed the system to have every player start at a different trophy count according to our level, the +30 for a win, -30 for a loss is a no brainer.

Why can’t they just do that?

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Yep. -40 +20, especially when you fight a different person, that’s just punishing their own selves right there