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How are these Boost prices acceptable?

The game is broken and bugged and yet Ludia has the audacity to demand these obscene prices for something that was implemented as a cash grab. As if incubators weren’t ripoffs already. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Might just stop playing come New Year. It’s ridiculous how much is wrong with the game right now but Ludia has no problem just throwing boosts at you for a ridiculous price. At the moment, it’s about quantity over quality.


Agree that the prices are outrageous. However, this was the product of how 2.0 was rolled out. Boosts and people’s money were devalued heavily. They can’t sell them for cheaper and an increase would be just as bad. They are currently stuck at this outrageous price unless something drastic changes.


They’re not, but people pay them so why would Lidia stop. They don’t give a crap that they make the game stupid as hell. BIG $$$!!!


“Who needs a quality product and happy players, when you can have money?”


The biggest con was the multiplier ‘bonus’ we received. We should have had 3x multiplier as the boosts were increased by 300% in price but instead we got a measly .5x bonus. Now the people who spend the most money will always be at the top of the leaderboard, battles no longer require any form of skill. The top players on the leaderboard aren’t the best players they are just the richest/most stupid players


I saw that today in between radiology visits and just shook my head. I had enough game cash to get a $500 bundle and that was all. I’m not spending anymore real cash on this game. Do I want all those boosts. You bet. Do I want to spend money to get them now, nope.

As I get pushed down the ranks little by little I’ll eventually just switch over to other dinos I enjoy playing with and let all the rich money bags keep gobbling up the boosts.


Nobody is forcing you to buy boost. You can use the free earned ones or do as I do and not boost at all. I’m enjoying the game without the stress of wondering how I’m going to buy more boost or what to boost. You win some and you lose some with or without boost.


Considering their current placement on the top grossest charts… one of if not the lowest place in the games history… not many are buying.

I expect price changes or boosts revisions soon.


I suspect they will simply kill the game once they killed the cow with too much milking, and move to another game that they are probably already developing.

It’s a great pity, because the game had some ideas in it.


This is my guess as well :unamused:

Like the first JW game they made. They devalued VIP. Of all things why make VIP worse?

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I get that Ludia needs to make money, and I would be happy to spend on it - I’ve spent more on PoGo than any other game I’ve bought for any machine - but they need to rework how they go about it. PoGo makes its millions in non-exploitative ways. Boosts are the exact opposite, and most everything else is overpriced.

Killing the game would be really shortsighted and an admission that someone, somewhere, wasn’t doing their job properly.


I wonder if they realize that these sell sell sell tactics end up with the reverse effects. You’ll always have those that spend money regardless, but how many of us have said that’s enough, " I’m not blowing more money on this." They seem to need a quick cash flow recently and that doesn’t set well with what may happen with the game. Hopefully Universal has someone waiting in the wings to assume creative control and save the floundering dino.


No ludia, I’m not paying you 500 hard cash for 1 quarter of a stat boost! Your so money hungry.

Admit it @Ludia_Developers, your just greedy for money.


First time ive ever seen it below the walking dead ar game.

So the better question at this point is youve increased the amount of boosts sales on days from 3 to 6…in an attempt to make up lost revenue from those willing to spend how is that working out Ludia?


Some people will buy frivolous things no matter what. If you feel like you’re in competition with them and have to keep up, you’ve already lost.

Your voice is in your wallet.