How are things going with you?


As it is with me at the moment, is I lose two battles win one lose three battles win one, I just can’t seem to progress any further lol, how are you lot doing?


If you haven’t upgraded your team then you’ve probably reached a bit of a plateau. Once you make some good changes and/Or level up 2 or 3 you’ll likely surge again until you hit your next plateau :slight_smile:


True, I’ll go through my team and sort them out properly at some point, half the time though I end up battling epic and legendary dinosaurs when at most I have got a couple of rare and common hybrids, and I’ll need to do a bit of travelling to get some new dinos, as I live in a tiny village lol


Yeah I mean I change mine up every few days, I have a mixture of common, rare and epic dinos. I guess it depends what level your matching at, I’m on 2000 odd trophies. I’m living in a hamlet in the country haha, I know all about rural! I try and make the most of each trip to the nearest town when I go!


Pretty good I win some battles and when I start losing I go and level up my dinosaurs and then come back and do better. Currently in Arena 6.


I tend to win twice as often as I lose, but hit losing streaks that humble me back down to a more appropriate trophy range. Currently sitting in the low 1800’s.

I win more often in the evening when wait times for opponents are NIL but lose more in the morning or midnight; might just be coincidence.

I feel from the level of opponents’ dinosaurs that I’m pretty much where I should be until mine get beefier.


I’m currently at level 6 and I have got about 1200 trophies, my dinos range from level 1 to level 11, I need to switch my team up to see what works lol


Just keep changing up your team until you find what works best for you, really what it boils down to is strategy. I’ve played since beta and Ive found my dream team. I’m on the outer brim of arena 7.


It’s definitely going to be constrictive if you’re not able to get out often. I finally got myself a t rex after 2 and half weeks. Thankfully when I get to play at night my area is near 2 drops so I get on. Currently stuck at 1950 to 2050. I win one lose two drop to arena 4 and win again back to arena 5. Think my cycle is win win lose lose win win lose lose.


I suppose it does not help that I’m also a lazy b*****d at times :laughing: