How are u enjoying the “friendly match”, what u do with it?

Wonder if this is really active in many of you, whether in friends u really know or online friends by acceptance, anybody really do friendly battles often and what actually can u get from it.

I do it with my little brother. What I get out of it, I get to use dinos I don’t normally use like Secodontosaurus, Spinosaurus gen 2, and some rares. What he gets out of it, I honestly don’t know he likes it tho. I also do it with randoms I add from recent battles when I’m not hunting or busy. I get to see more ‘exotic’ dinos like Tragodsitis, Spinotahsuchus and other legends.

I don’t use it. Only friends I have are people who posted on here to add them but never had the nerve to actually challenge someone. I feel like I would be bothering them.

I like it. I use it to test battle theory and for fun when incite to a battle.

I once tried it with some random guy from discord and he kept using long incibility from alanqa and tragodistis and others
I just wanted to have some fun but this dude made it imposible

They should add some chat so you can arrange what kind of battle you wanna have. Something like, only rares, or commons, or raptors, etc

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It’s good to see how much more performance you will get out of leveling a Dino up to lvl 27. And for figuring out how much things where nerfed/buffed

My other half and I used to have a lot of fun, but one of us was bound to take the game to the next level and now he doesn’t like to battle me anymore because I have better dinos lol.

Things with short legs, long necks, armor only. The stepsons and I had fun with doing that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Only occasionally when see friends online i just tap the “challenge” for fun, no idea if the friend really is online too.
But after few attempts, it just died off, i believe they shd add some funs into this or otherwise is just gonna be there with no users.
I suggested to earn DNA of the dino you killed, perhaps even ONE DNA in the friendly match will make more players into friendly.

Lol same :rofl:

I do friendly challenge for battle tactics, it also prepares me for the real matches.

I don’t use it. I typically battle only to farm coin/incubs, so friendly battle is fairly useless to me. I have too many dinos that need leveling and not enough time to do it, in most cases. Friendly battle seems aimed at younger players, anyway. Let the kids have their fun, and I’ll be fine with regular PvP.

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Test my skill (lack off)And try to chat up the ladies😉

There’s a “friendly battle” option? lol
I used it a few times… meh.

Dont use it either. I think I have done 5 or 6 friendly battles in total.

Dont even do regular arena anymore to be honest.

Dinos are so horribly unbalanced that I just dont find it fun anymore. Fighting the same 6 dinos over and over also gets old pretty quickly. Game needs a lot more actual content and stuff to do besides darting dinos and fighting them imo.