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How are y’all dealing with “Scorpius 3: The Reckoning”

As the title says, how are some successfully dealing with the surprise pop up of Scorpius gen 3?

Just fought one this am (gyrosphere) and just so happened to have tools that took it out as follows:

-Scorp “3”swapped, went Pokémon gen 1 psyduck headache on me (gained all these mystical powers as a result)

-I swapped in “Deluxe”, who took a bleeding shot, but took away part of 3’s “mystical” powers (dodge), healed the next round, then prepped for a resilient shot. After that, my opponent swapped 3 out.

-Later in the match, 3 was swapped back in and just so happened to have run into a precise pounce which killed it.

This combo just so happened to have turned out to be a perfect storm against Scorp 3.

There was another match to which Smilo was bled by 3, and rampage ran to nullify the extra bleed damage.

So other than these Dino’s, Lux and Smilo, how have y’all been successfully dealing with Scorpius 3?

I’ve seldom run into any Scorpius’s yet, just the Scorpius G2. But I play both Legendary and Unique Scorpius on my team with 3 flocks, 2 swap in stunners and a rampage and runner.

This team took me into Avairy which I haven’t gotten to with other teams for a long time.
Most teams are not prepared for this. I do have problems with certain critters but between a flock and a Scorpius, can take out well boosted Indominus’s, 2 and 3 levels higher. I can take out boosted Thors and and 132+ speed Indo’s.

Like I say, if I encounter a team with certain critters, I have a difficult time and do lose, but generally with 2 take downs.

All are unboosted except for Utarinex, 2 speed & damage that I boosted for an epic strike tower. Uta and flocks are my starters and will swap in scorpius’s or rhinos. This is a very versatile team and fun to play, win or lose.


That’s awesome.

Chess>Checkers and wreaking havoc.

I’ve read your post regarding this team and you’ve always seemed to play without regard for the meta.

Thanks. You’ve given me something to “chew” on.

It’s pretty easy to get. I got Scorpio’s g2 to level 20 after 3 days. Had the dna right away, just not the gold. I’m currently just waiting in the gold. It seems pretty good, but not a huge threat

Spyx does well against scorpious.

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