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How are you doing post 1.1?

Has arena been worse, better, same?

For me, its been a little better. I’m fighting teams more closer to me in level and boosts. I’m still seeing the odd lvl 29-30 team, but I manage.

I’ve made some headway with my trophies. I’ve jumped over 100 today.

We’ll see how high I get before I fall. :laughing:

Not seeing many super scary Thor or Draco, though I’ve seen some impressive Erli and Magna.

VIP today has been my beloved Anky:

Over all I’m liking this change in boosts, its how they should of released.

I’m really liking the feature of the dino staying on the ground until you pick the next one. Was a little distracting seeing it on the ground, still breathing at first.


I like fighting the non-boosted teams I’ve been getting, then I get the occasional one of these.


I’m finding the Arena fun again and balanced for the first time since launch.


I jumped up past people who relied far too heavily on boosts. It’s fun and challenging! Broke 5000 for the first time today despite having been as close as 4997 in the past!


Happy cake day!

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Thank you. :birthday:

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You’re welcome!

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I’m at 5200 with unboosted team. Waiting to see how things settle down.

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Some people just can’t live without their speedy Thors and op dracos. :laughing: They’re screwed if they’re not picked.

I’m not even mad I lost. I think its pathetic at this point.


Hehe, I’m past my first period of anger also :slight_smile: I’m trying to boost everything steadily as I go. Hoping not to encounter 2200dmg erlikos or rats or thors, but all in all I will probably get used to it.
I played against mo7phat too once, I remember the name!

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I haven’t seen a single Dracoceratops since the update dropped but the number of massively boosted Thoradolosaur is beyond belief.


Im betting this is also due to the fact that team Thors are generally a bit higher level than most due to Ludia handing out Sino in alliance rewards for ages, and thus Thor is able to use up more of its boost tiers.

Were you finding they were going speed, damage or health heavy?

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Speed and damage primarily.

That could actually work to a natural speedsters advantage since they could go speed and damage heavy, and since the Thor would have much weaker health it would put them in easier kill range of speedy distractors.
Also wouldn’t take all that many boosts to outspeed the Thors. I think they fastest a Thor can be made is 149 speed MAX.

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Still here. Kapro’s still being a pest, Erlidom’s still being pest control. Rest of the team still unboosted.

I post also here, probably more in topic than in the other thread.

I haven’t read about the boost reset (no notice showed up in the game) so today I’ve faced the arena with the ordinary grim determination to minimize impact on my trophies.
It has been a total failure.

I’ve lost 11 battles in sequence, something never happened before, even in the worst arena crisis, not realizing that my dinos have been totally reset and so they were no more as I have hardly shaped them for months.

Worst, all 11 battles were against teams composed by lvl 23-25 dinos, while mine are basically 17-20.

In addition, I’ve faced practically only Thors, Tragodistis, Diloracheiros and Indoraptor.
I’m in the Lockwood arena.

In addition, they have dodged, stunned and obtained critical hits with almost 100% efficacy (a Tragodistis obtained 5 crits in sequence among counterattacks and ordinary attacks, wiping out my team).

Of course I never dodged anything and stunned 2 times on 11-12 attempts.

That’s situation at the moment, making me think I will probably not play the arena anymore: it was already difficult before, now is practically impossible to obtain anything.


Have you been boosting your team?

If so, what you’re experiencing is a plateau effect, your team is a little low for the area you’re in. The previous boosts made it easier for you to climb up artificially. Many people are going to experience the same thing.

You’ll even out eventually. You just got to keep trying. :heart:

I’ve lost 15 battles in a row before, so I feel your pain.


Going unboosted and having lots of fun


I’ve only used a moderate amount of boosts.
I do not purchase them, I’ve always relied upon those obtained by daily arena incubators and those gained by weekly events on map.
Probably they helped me to face stronger opponents, but I’ve rarely seen in the arenas dinos not boosted in some way.


I am constantly seeing Thors already boosted to tier 19, and my dinos are only level 23… the rest of the teams are always unboosted completely or mostly… why does everyone put so much into their thors? At this point so many other dinos are better and more fun to use