How are you making your teams better?

In this weird world of JWA I’m sincerely at a loss. I’ve seen it talked about before but I’m truly asking for advice now.

How do you make a better team in 1.8?

There’s literally no rhyme or reason to this game anymore. It USED to be that you leveled up a Dino…you did better. You did better in the arena, or you progressed more in the game. I remember when I was in Sorna Marshes and just started to come up against Indo. I couldn’t progress any further til I got my own. Then I powered up a bit til I hit another wall or met another Dino I didnt have yet.

But now? You level up your dinos and you fall. They match you against super power teams. You make a unique? Well it isn’t any good against some legendaries so that was wasted time. You boost something? Haha sucker. There’s someone else that has bought 6 more packs than you and you just made your team too strong, and you’re matched with level 30 boosted teams.

What is the formula now? Like I can’t figure out how to progress anymore. I’m thinking of scrapping my team full of hard earned uniques just to get a decent trophy count. Like what is happening? What is the end game now? The uniques aren’t it? Unless you’re shelling out tons of money you’re never gonna climb the leaderboard. So What are we supposed to be shooting for? I’ve made all but 3 dinos to try out, and most aren’t worth using.

Theories? Ideas? How are you making your teams better in 1.8?

Boosts. Boosts and more boosts


I used to concern myself with the leaderboard. While I am by no means a “whale”, I have indeed spent some cash on this game and used to be VIP - 1.7 ended that. Frankly, this game has been redesigned for the whales to pump boosts into about 5 or 6 dinos and inflate their JWA egos. It took a while to adjust, but I have pretty much dropped all that (though it’s still frustrating that I have to drop it in the first place) and changed my priorities to try and have fun again.

  1. I try to ignore the leaderboard as much as possible - it is now completely meaningless. The only thing I pay attention to is how close I can get to the next arena - I hit the gyrosphere depot once…
  2. I level, boost, and play what I want. You won’t find thor on my team, nor erlidom, utarinex, tryko, or magna, but you will find a L30 gorgosuchus boosted to the moon. Right now I’m working on my very early goal of a team of all L30 epics.
  3. I joined an alliance. I was never on one until recently. Now it has added a different dimension to the game, and I like the alliance-mates I chat with.

I guess it all falls down to how you define “a better team”. Nowadays for me it’s the team that gives me the most fun and entertainment. I switch things up a lot…


I’m in a weird spot.
I pulled the trigger in 1.8 and leveled up a lot of dinos thinking it was fixed.
There is nothing I can do now except push on to L30.
No matter what thats what I am fighting so the quicker I get to 30’s the better.
Best bet is to cap at Level to 24 and boost.

Level 28 average?
You have to embrace the suck and push hard to L30 and hope match making gets fixed by 1.9.

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Yeah I’m in the suck and push. That’s a perfect name for it.

Made it to gyrosphere twice and fell out. No biggie since I knew I wasn’t ready for it. I’m 28 average. But when you hit a downward spiral to get your daily boosts it’s heartbreaking. Then I’m like why am I even killing myself for these boosts that are making it worse? The only reason I haven’t gone for the 24 team and boosted is cause I’m committed to my boosted uniques. Starting over would probably hurt much worse and I would never get out of my rut.

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I’m trying to get to Gyro and tried messing around with teams.
Full power team gets me unlikely victories.
B teams get me better matches, but it’s well… a B team of Apex low boosted dinos vs. reasonable level, but highly boosted tyrant dinos. Still not a desirable outcome.

My conclusion was to stop tinkering and dividing resources on a B team and focus on my main. If they do fix match making and I spent to much time tinkering with B team work arounds instead of just focusing on full power I will have played myself.
Magna leveled to 29. Lets do this! :slight_smile:

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BINGO!!! focus on that end team is still my goal and ive been leveling up what i can. only boosting those and once they are maxxed ill have fun with others.

With the current matchmaking and purchasable boosts, trophy count is meaningless. I only get free boosts or buy boosts from free hard cash to strengthen my team. My daily goal is to fill incubator slots and my longterm goal is to level my team to 30 and unlock most creatures as far as I can and level them up. It may take years if the game doesn’t die.
However, if one day boosts for armour and critical chance appears, I may quit.

I’m with you 100% Dennis when it comes to goals… But that trophy count. LOL
Although meaningless now, if I can’t figure out how to get back to where I belong before it DOES become important again I’m in trouble. (I’m thinking Diplo DNA reward to get Gem and complete the dex)
I do not have your patience :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of doubling down on the amount of battles I do instead of fill incubator slots and stop. I’m seeing quite a few teams up there similar to mine and I’m betting they just battle more.

Trophy count is now meaningless, but yes I agree with you, I do want to know where I belong. Now I am somewhere around 4800-5000 (I was above 5000 before 1.8) and sometimes drop to as low as 4600. I don’t mind losing because I want to get more DNA to reach my goal, I have to battle to get incubators.

I gave on progressing. For Arena, I will switch up crew members regularly to break it up, do a few battles and go out hunting. I get my DBI and call it a day. It really just seems futile to try and advance and battles are basically pointless except for the DBI.

I like to have something to do while I go on walks to get some exercise. Darting useless dino fits the bill. Gives me exercise with hand/eye coordination which is always a plus as you get older. I will just keep stocking up on dna and not worry about leveling anything up. Just biding time until a different game comes along that will give me something to do while out and about.

I do miss the challenge of leveling up and trying to progress. Honing team members and battle skills, it was really fun. Searching for areas with required dna was great. Now? A meaningless, time filling occupation.