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How are you preparing for the April Monolorhino stampede?

I have been farming woolly guy all of March and at end of this current month I am putting my level 29 Monolorhino on my team. I suspect many players will start using him also. How are you prepping your team to counter?


My lvl Lvl 25 titanoboa is ready to punish all coward on the pvp


monolorhino is clearly less a treat than ceramagnus


health and damage boosts.

The few that aren’t 30 yet will be, not much of a difference in my bracket. Lower arenas def will see an increase.

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Cowards? Really? I think PVP may becoming a little personal there don’t ya think friend?


Honestly, just work on health and my tenrex. I need tryko soon, should be a good counter. Mrhino has quite low damage output, and its moves don’t do much damage. I will use it though

I miss my cowardly use of the rat.

Been gradually developing my Mrhino so I can get back into hilarious cowardice, although frankly my heart isn’t in it because i’ve never faced an Mrhino I was frightened of.

I don’t expect i’ll bring it in until it’s 26 because of the garbage element of it. Even then I’m waiting on a boost reset so I don’t lose all my boosts from my comfy Ardentis.

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i got a max attack cera that will eat pretty much anything i face atm. i’m loving it.


I removed my 28 MRhino in favor of my boosted Cera, much better choice

Oh no doubt. Some of us are too casual for apexes though!

Ceramagnus already began appearing this month, and monolorhino is coming alongside it…

RIP Arena


Same here actually

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Ummm, NOT playing pvp because I’m tired of the toxic SIA fest?

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Everyone in the Shore says:

That’s my secret Captain… I’m always in the stampede…

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Its not anything amazing, not my best work, definitely a tad nervous about posting since I can do better, but I just wanted to make a quick doodle of it all
“Normal” arena things

arena in a week


My tryko is ready to kick some rhino butt

Wat stampede?

Nice job,
You could have add aswell wooly rhino and magnus to this party


Mrhino championship which has been 5 weeks