How are you proud when u win with few levels higher than your opponent?

Does it feel good when u win with “no match” or “no challenge”?
Who will lose intentionally if u face one which u know has no match against your team…

They have worked harder for their team than you, simple as that.

Yes wins feel good. Get me that incubator so I can stop battling. And not a 15 minute one

Low team got too high. Good team got to low. Only the better team winning over and over will fix the situation. Sympathy loosing makes it worse if anyone crazy enough to do it.


I not mean that, there r matches where i also face lower levels, at times i played to lose actually.
Just felt the matches are getting too one sided.
If is only incubator to get into arena, then arena becomes boring soon.

I usually lose 3x and then win and get a 15 min incubator for all my troubles…grrrr. lol Then im back to square 1 again

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I like to battle but like winning far to much and get stressed out after 3 games winless run

I always feel good when winning regardless of whether the opponent was stronger, weaker, losing on purpose or not even playing. It’s all about the incubators for me, don’t care about the opponent.

As what was said, one will show its real character when he or she is on the gambling table, likewise in game…
Happy to win is not diff to achieve, losing and be happy is not easy to learn.

I dont care about trophy count, battle to get incubators. Usually let AI play several battles (gives oppnents easy wins, though occasionally AI wins!) . Once dropped a chunk of trophies I do some more slightly serious battles to fill incubator slots, that approach is time effetive as means I avoid teams lots stronger than mine so wins more likely when I play “seriously”, I just try and ensure trophies do not drop too low as want to stay in Sorna in vain hope of T-Rex DNA for indo creation

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You don’t get more trophies by losing on purpose so no, I won’t be doing that. Many of us will be on both sides of that scenario multiple times most days, and when we’re the lower person in it, very rarely will someone lose to make us feel better - and why should they? And while you’re feeling sorry for someone whose team doesn’t stand a chance against yours, they’ve probably steamrolled someone ELSE’S lower team too. It’s just how the game works, no one needs to turn into a bleeding heart about it.

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Just faced a lvl 20 player with 3400 trophies in Sona. That sucks.

Its frustrating. To my knowledge this system was first used in games like this in clash royale (or at least in a game that was wide spread). Hearthstone was different - they were all about making it hard to acquire, but levels didnt exist.

I dont like it.

That said, its a built in part of the game, and I accept it. You should too, or play something else.

Levelling cards in this game, or any like it, is not cheating. Its not bad. People who do it don’t deserve to be treated this way. This is actually encoruaged in the design - its very profitable.

Plus, it allows people who may otherwise really struggle to actually compete.

And people who are skilled to excel.

Its not pay to win. Its pay to have a chance to acquire something you want.

What I do like, is unlike cr and many other games like it, you can go farm a lot of what you need. This is great, and should be rewarded.

Plus, unless you are all max level, there will always be a bigger fish. Just today i took my level 23/4ish average level team into arena and faced a level 29 stegodeus, and 26 indorapter, and 26 tragodistis.

It happens.

If you take the time to learn, though, these opportunities will help you become better. For example - indorapter within 4 levels of a stegodeus can 3 shot it. Spinotasuchus can survive a ss and apr from a stegodeus so long as its within 2 levels. Etc.

Change your perspective, youll be happier - and who knows, you may even get better :slight_smile:


Personally I put a lot of time and effort into helping my little buddies to become the best version of themselves. So, to answer your question when I completely crush someone who is lower than me I get a sense of my hard work has paid off. It really doesn’t happen very often. Many times when I have faced lower level teams, they seem to get evened out by getting their crits and evasions to work. Those matches almost always end up closer than they should be.
I don’t believe that everyone with lower level Dino’s hasn’t worked as hard as me. But I am sure there are plenty of teams out there that the owner has not worked as hard and I imagine everytime they get smacked down it gives them incentive to work harder!

-side note: I have never thrown a match, not even to little kids who are learning. What does that accomplish? I’ll tell you, a society of weak minded entitled individuals…



Sorry @doktoroetker, I deranked to get the last of my irritator dna for magna and am working back up to Lockwood again.

This is a competitive game, so yes it is about winning, you’re supposed to go outside to get the things to be able to win and compete with others.

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It’s not only about the leaderboards but also an individuals trophies as a ranking of your skill level. The leaderboards just showcase the best (luckiest) players. Until you get to about 5000+ trophies.

For me the game has always been about one thing: exploring the map. Whether that’s darting dinos, collecting treasure chests or battling in the strike towers, that is why I play this game.

I don’t care about the arena, never did. The only reason I battle is for incubators. Not trophies, not leaderboard positions, not challenges or sportsmanship. Incubators. That’s all the arena is good for in my opinion and I continually improve my team to enable me to get incubators more reliably.

I rarely encounter players with much lower level dinos and if I do it’s because I dropped a few hundred trophies after a losing streak… and need that win to move back up. However, I don’t feel “proud”, it’s just part of the game.

The only time I lost on purpose was near the end of the tournament when my loss could have helped someone get the minimum reward. And let me tell you - losing deliberately isn’t as easy as it sounds!

I’m in upper Arena 8 and sometimes face teams with several uniques and higher level dinos… I realize a win is unlikely for me but they’re gonna have to work for it! I look at it as a challenge and a learning experience.


Yes i fully agree the arena is about challenge.
We shd all do the best to win the challenge.
But i just felt the challenge now has no meaning, is just to fill up incubators slot, any diff of incubator u get between 3001-3999?
Hope more suggestions will be given to the dev team and the arena will have better motivational factors to get in…
Maybe the RNG shd pick any 4 in your entire available dino created and all levels will be at 30 in arena…that’s maybe interesting…

I’m content with winning, regardless of whether my opponents are higher level because I despise battling and only see it as an unfortunate necessity at times for a chance at decent dna :joy_cat:

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