How arena could be fixed

  1. Make everything’s crit chance 5% and only 5% percent. The only time where it could be allowed to be over that would be using crit boosting moves.

  2. Get rid of stat boosts, period. Ever since theyve been out, the arena has been in ruins, and made quite a few dinos game breaking, most notably Thor, Draco, Tryko, Erlidom, and Magna. If boosts do stay, give us two separate arenas where one can be with boosts and give higher prizes while playing in a non-boosted arena can give out the regular prizes we were always given.

  3. Get rid of swap in rampage on the rat. Despite its nerf, its still giving players cheese wins. While tanks could stop it, the meta doesn’t prefer their use because of the aforementioned Thor and Tryko being absolutely everywhere. Reworking it back to how it was in 1.5 could work.

  4. Rework the matchmaking again, and make it so you face teams based on arena location (Lockwood would be placed with other Lockwood members, aviary with aviary, etc.) and not based on trophies. If boosts do stay, give them heavy consideration when matchmaking to try and make sure you dont face overboosted teams.

  5. Give us team preview at the start of the match. Adding this feature can let players know what the opponent has, so they can better strategize and predict what will use what, or who will come in, etc.

If anyone else has any more ideas, please put them in the comments and I’ll consider adding then to the list.

Number 5 is pointless. Instead of that let players select their own team just like Strike Events.

  1. No. Higher crit makes the game less predictable.
  2. They won’t, and since the 50% rollback it’s improved big time. I got used to it, prefer not to have them, but understand why Ludia wants to monetize the players.
  3. Part of the game is predicting when this happens. Having dinos in your team to kill the rat after a rampage is lovely.
  4. Might need some improvement, but personally I get matched up quite nicely, maybe because my team is averaged out.
  5. Hell no. Not knowing what the opponent has makes it a lot more fun and unpredictable.
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Speed ties should be random instead of fastest ping.

That wouldnt be a bad idea either. Only issue i see is that draco and thor would be on every team. Answer: Diplovenator and Elidominus/Smilocephalosaurus

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Honestly, the one thing i want more than anything is the separate arena thing where one could be boosted while the other is boosts disabled (in other words, the 1.6 arena)

I said like Strike Events, so yeah.
People tend to use things what they think or believe is viable to them. So we use their counters just like you said.
Dipvenator is an ideal Thor counter.

And the only reason its going on my team

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