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How bad will my next events be?

I recently got the tapejalosaurus level 20 and turns out its my strongest dinosaur now… Will the events be dramatically harder now that its my strongest? Or will it still be winnable


Pterodactyl is at 2593.4 ferocity. Tape is at 2789.2. He is around 200 more. It will be harder, but it won’t be unwinnable. If you want to calculate yourself, take a creatures attack stat, multiply it by 3.2, and then add the health stat. That is the creatures ferocity.


Just ~200 ferocity difference won’t change anything drastically, especially that only one of your creatures is stronger than the rest, I’ve been at 500 ferocity difference once, you’ll be fine.


you will most likely not notice any difference.


my team is so unbalanced that I don’t care …
cannons taking down tanks.

herbivores defeating amphibians

Tupandactilus :smiling_imp:

you can unbalance the team as long as you have depth and also have skill…

Dude how did you manage to get all vip carnivores like this? You have such an interesting looking lineup :smile: