How Badly do Bleeders Need a Buff?

  • They Badly Need One
  • They Sorta Need One
  • They Don’t Need One

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Scorp 3 says not at all

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Scorp 3 is great. I’m talking more about the forgotten bleeders like Spinotahsuchus or Constrictor.


We’re talking about bleeders in general. Just because one dino with one bleed move is good doesn’t mean bleeders don’t need buffs.


I’m just kidding around, suchotator seems to be pretty effective, as is thyla. Scorp is pretty strong, would love to see stygadaryx get a buff or one of the snakes to become end game

They kind or dont need one bc of the bleed

Well… no, the bleed doesn’t fully cover their weaknesses. Bleeders have low health and attack stats, average crit rates and zero armor. Yes, bleeding is inherently powerful, but it doesn’t fully bypass the raw utility of a high attack stat, or do much of anything against any level of DoT resist.