How big area single zone covers?

I have a question: I know about zone and how to check which zone I am in.

But how big the area of the zone? Like if I want to go to another zone then I have to just few KMs or its like very big (10s of KMs per area)?


Zones vary in size and there are some odd shapes… about 1000 feet from my house there is an intersection… left stay in my l1… right is l3… if you go straight half a mime your in a l2… the l3 is pretty small my l1 is medium size and the l2 goes steady for about 8 miles…

In another spot in my l1, there are two roads that run parallel to each other there are 4 depots 2 on each road that line up and are l3 spawns… only l3 spawns on those roads.

Walk and find out you lazy piece of cake.

I am asking as its really cold here and I can’t just walk random KMs especially at night.