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How big is a zone?


Anyone have an idea about how big a spawn zone is? In kilometers (metric)
I live in zone III and if i drive 15 kilometers north i still see zone III spawns. Maybe i just entered a new zone III or are they that big
Thanks in advance :o)

Shrink Local Zones to 1/4 the Size

I can tell you that I live ~3 km from a friend of mine that plays this game, and he is in zone 4 while I’m in zone 1. We could just live near the boarders of our zones though.


I have wondered the same thing myself. My town is the largest in the county (in the UK) where I live and I seem to only have zones 3 and 4, so I am guessing zones are sizable. I’d love for us to actually have a Google map or something showing them. In a way I am surprised that someone hasn’t done that already.


~ 4 km x 4 km here (34N latitude). I believe the size varies based on the latitude, so possibly as large as 5km x 5km near the equator and maybe like 3 km x 3km in far northern or southern areas.


Yes Colin…thats what i want…a google map with the zones on it…awesome idea

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I toyed with doing this but decided it was just too big a job and would rely on people being precise and truthful … could also aid spoofers


As I said, I am surprised someone hasn’t done it considering the number of sites that came up with PoGo showing where everything was.


It might do but spoofers are going to spoof regardless. Since there isn’t much being done about them anyway…


Yes…the zones are the same as in PoGo right…mayby there is a map allready.
I would never spoof but i might visit grandma more often if i found she lived in zone 4…lol


I don’t know how zones are drawn on the map. Usually roads (main or not) mark the limits.
They can be as small as a couple of blocks. For a long time I though there was no local 3 in my city, until I found a small suburban area which is two blocks narrow but extends for almost one km in length.

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I volunteer far more to go and help my significant other sort her horse out - we have to drive through 3 locals to get there :laughing:

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Likely they are S2 cells, the user specifies the size.

They may or may not be the same size as Pokemon Go.

They seem to be quite a bit bigger in JWA than PoGo.

I live in L1 and work in L3, I have an L2 nearby, no idea where an L4 is located near me.

S2 cells for PoGo

L1 you’ll see Majungasaurs
L2 You’ll see Eniosaurus
L3 Diplocaulus
L4 ??? Koolaschus maybe

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@Pocemon do you know the area of the locals?


No, they don’t use S2 cells. Limits are irregular, usually following roads and streets. Not regular squares.


The danger zone is the biggest

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How are you able to see the lines or limits as you call them?

Even in PoGo, which uses fairly small cells for raids, it isn’t like you know where the lines are between cells, but you can make a fair guess based on observing gyms.

S2 cells are not square.


Where I hunt they are not clear cut boundaries, there is overlap. I have a section where L4 and L2 overlap and either can spawn in it. It is about a city block wide. I also regularly get L2 spawns well into my L4. Not a ton of them, but it is not unusual to dart a couple a day way away from their home. At a friend’s house I can get L1 or L2 spawning. I go a block or so one way it is more L1 and the other way it is all L2.

Spawns do not appear to be a clear cut as PoGo S2 cells are. There is one Gym in a corner of an S2. You can take a couple steps and have the weather change, then step back and it changes back. It is a clearly defined line.

I have never tried to define boundaries on any locals near me. I know what neighborhoods spawn what, but not exactly where they change over.


These are not squares and there is spill over where my l1 meets an l2 there is a few depots where both l1 and l2 spawn. Also in another spot in my l1 there are two roads that run parallel to each other there is one depot on each road that forms a straight line and both of the depots are l3 spawns. Where my l1 meets and l3 there is one depot that spawns both l1 and l3 dinos and Ive darted both sino and mono at that spot.

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Just walking between areas. One side of the road is local 4, the other side local 1. Roads are not straight lines. There are not squares or regular polygons in JWA, locals follow the pattern of the map as it shows in Google maps.


a easy way is if you know more or less what dinosaurs spawn in some locations you can make a map of spawn maybe the most representative spawn and then with google maps or google earth pro use the feature of measure or the polygon one and you will have a reference of the size of your areas. It’s a little bit tedious but i think is one way to get that info