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How big is the gap between your highest trophy count to the count you currently ' live' at?

By ‘live at’ I mean the trophy count range you typically spend days/weeks sitting at.

This season my highest is 5119, but that is a complete fluke when I just got lucky with some favourable match-ups. At the moment I hang around the 4800-5000 (currently 4999, brutally mocking me). Bad days I’ll drop back to 4700s but I haven’t in a while, luckily…

I don’t see this changing much in the next few weeks, I might be lucky to live in the 5000s for a bit but the level ranges (and boost ranges) are so drastic I really can’t predict anything.

My high score this season : 5233
My current score : 4983
Also i found some dropper with 6.000 + trophy in aviary

Almost identical, high score 5106 normally hover around 4800-4900… 9 out of 10 fights is usually Maxima determined, or against high level super boosted creatures… i have only applied a few boosts since the patch so still have the majority of them in the bank…

about 300 to.400 gap. Will get worse.

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At its worst (on a losing streak) it’s around a 300 trophy gap I think, usually around 150.

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150-250… Voliere High Score 4981

My best was before the 2.0 update on my main, and I hit 5285. I haven’t gone much over 5100 since.

On my alt I used to hit 4750 - 4850 regularly. I can’t get past 4650 now since the new meta has destroyed my line up.

Still not understanding it… Before 2.0, was hanging in the bottom of the Spheres. After 2.0, I dropped one full arena, hanging in the bottom of the Library. I boosted Tryko because I thought he would be good in raids, and help me go through those 5,7,10 steps incubators faster (one shotting every dinos). I then quickly found out healers are more helpful for the raids/team so boosted Dilo as well, but never used it other than raids (tried it, but not that great in PvP). Then came the new scoring system, and I’m now back in lower Spheres. I keep changing my dinos all the time hoping to make up my mind before the end of the month so I can finally start boosting my whole team again. So basically for me, still having only one boosted dino in my team, but thanks to the new scoring system??? I’m back to where I was… Only thing that could explain it is the fact that I always run with at least 3 dinos different from my original team. Wondering what will happen when I boost, but almost fearing it too, since the matchmaking may end up making it worst…

high score 5120.
current score 5060

pretty sure I’ve found my range.

high score: 6038
current score: 5873

high score: 6239
current score: 6239… hold my drink.


Do I really need to bring up OG Monomimus? :rofl:


I forgot about Mono… :rofl:

High Score: 6958
Current Score: 6958

I was pretty high on the LB right before 2.0 hit. Then I dropped like I rock. Finished 115th or something like that last season. Then at the beginning of this season I was hanging around top 100 and just couldn’t find my rhythm it seemed. I changed a ton of my team and spent a lot of time adjusting and trying to level creatures. I finally settled on what I believed to be a good variety and felt like I was doing better, but then I got stuck in quicksand I couldn’t get out of. The -40 +20 Trophy system did not help with that. Then 2.0+ and the ±30 system came and I started climbing. And kept climbing. I’m waiting for that losing streak to hit, but I feel like the new trophy system has been kind to me.

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Same boat! Still wondering why I keep climbing unboosted. Somehow, I think they did not only change the scoring system, but also tweaked the matchmaking (or the effect of being unboosted affect the old matchmaking way more than it should). I’m seriously confused… Why should I use my boosts now if currently at the same level I was before when I was full boost. Will I go higher, or simply finally trigger something and go down like the Titanic? I really want to reboost before the end of the season (at least those dinos I’m sure will make the teams, maybe wait for one or two), but wow, should I? Plus I discover it’s fun to be able to swap dinos in your team anytime you feel like it.

Current: about 4600-4750

High: 4891

Yes thee were all unboosted

I’ve lost nearly 300 trophies to Ludia’s uneven pairing with teams with all creatures maxed out, and with 3 or 4 levels of creatures above my highest level 22.

Let’s just say I have read every book in the library many times.
I’m leveling for raids now.
5663 this season. 5663 right now.
I made peace with that.
I’m not interested in climbing to arena where I can’t get battles.

Is there one on how to get one of those grasshoppers? I’m spending most of my time in Library too, might as well make the most of it.

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