How big is your arena strike team's handicap?

(Edited 12/10/20) This is for players in the Lockwood Library and Up, primarily end game players with dinos ranging from levels 24-30 and trophies ranging from 5300+. By the way, I am currently at 5490 trophies for those that think I am some low level player and belong to one of the top 25 alliances, often top 10. I’m saying this so that the message gets across to make the arena bearable again! I have battled over 50x today alone, and only 2x have i battled something other than the dino’s on the list below. 48 players had the same exact team. 2 changed it up. I’m not stating this because I suck at the game, far from it, I’m saying this because arena is so undeniably dreadful and boring, and that’s a third of the game right there being wasted. It’s not fun, it’s work, farming should still be fun, because otherwise it is just work. And work is not fun. But work is necessary, that i understand, but most people collect an income from working, who here is getting paid to work by battling in JWA? Show of hands?

Total up the necessary points for each creature listed below that you have on your arena strike team. The accumulated total is your handicap when playing against other players. Players without any of these creatures on their strike team are quite talented if at the Aviary and Library, as well as the Depot and Shores. If you have the entire list on your strike team, perhaps branching out and try using something different than everyone else. It will diversify the game and you might possibly have some fun in the arena and maybe even make the arena fun again for everyone.

Erlidominus - X3X 10 (Edited 12/10/20 - If you remove Erlidom from your strike team and you can not win 2 out of the next 6 battles multiply 10 x 2 = 20 added to your handicap)
Dracoceratops - 5
Thoradolosaur - 2
Trykosaurus - 1
Ardentismaxima - 1
Magnapyritor - 4
Diorajasaur - 3
Erlikospyx - X5X 10 (Edited 12/10/20 - If you remove Spyx from your strike team and cannot win 2 out of the next 6 battles multiply 10 x 2 = 20 added to your handicap)

I sincerely hope this gets the point across. Playing this stirke team doesn’t make you skilled, it just forces you into boost wars with the other 5000+ players who run this exact same team. I am just so tired and bored of fighting only these dinos. There are 200+ dinos now i believe, so it’d be really nice and Idk, fun maybe to not have the exact same team as every one else. Some of the biggest loses I’ve had, have been against players who run completely out of the ordinary dinos that take me by surprise. And despite losing these battles, often 0-3, I still have so much more fun than the grind of the arena battles will ever give me, even winning every won until incs have been farmed. Some examples of people who’ve decimated me (don’t remember player names, but sure do remember their dino’s) was a level 30 boosted Tyrannolophosaur, and a level 30 Edmontoguanodon. Those players steered from the meta and we’re proabably having the time of their lives facing opponents that they knew every move that could be made against them, whereas the opponent is scrambling to attempt to figure out your moves and how to counter them in the short time alloted.

(Edited 12/10/20) My question to you is if these creatures are so amazing, please tell me if you are at level 30 w/30 boosts per creature, how come you are unable to rise in rank? You do realize you creatures cannot gain anymore levels and they cannot be boosted anymore, yet you still have 2 or 3 arenas above your current trophy range, and then there are players above that, up to 10,000+ trophies last season. Are you okay with the fact that you have peaked? Or perhaps this meta team you run is not really the greatest of teams, It’s just good for beating players who don’t have creatures matching your levels and are often 3-4 levels below you. That’s the equivalent of a high schooler beating up an elementary school student. Where I’m from we call that a bully and a coward. Hence the famous phrase “pick on someone your own size” but that would require you to go up an arena or two, and clearly you are not capable of that. And the excuse that it’s to farm incs is also ridiculous, so then every week on thursday you have to climb up the ladder to start the tournament off with higher points, and then go back down for a few days and every month you have then spend more time climbing up as high as possible just to get the seasonal rewards higher. Why not just stay at those higher arenas?


I have 6 points, with Max, magna and tryko

not bad, tryko is not a big deal anymore, and maxi isn’t too bad. It just becomes a pain when you battle 35-40 battle a day and that is all you fight every day, it would be nice to see the game diversified.

Erlidom is a liability I think. Should be replaced with MonoloRhino instead I believe.

The rest seems okay though some may prefer Grypo in their team.

I believe you are missing the point entirely, because having a team with none of those dino’s was the goal I am going for, so that every battle every day in the arena is 99% that team. It would make the arena, idk, maybe fun for once!

Judgemental much? You’re not better than other people for languishing in the 3500 range with your non meta team, stop worrying abouwhat other people play and quit talking down to people… btw I have 4 of them, finished last season at 6100


I finished at 5680 or somewhere around there, I sit between library and depot, and have 0 of those creatures, and one level 29 on my team, the rest are 25-28. Sorry that I want to make the game more diversified than the same 8 dinos over and over and over, it’s called becoming burned out and when they do tournaments such as last weekend, it means 2 straight weeks of the same thing.

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Has fought against a boosted lvl 30 gorgosaurus and dracorex in mid library, took me by surprise as well. Not surprisingly both said dinos have 100% speed resistance.

I have 9 points, but what is the handicap? That’s not well explained. Also I just really like Mini Godzilla and Cloaking Tickle Chicken (Ark). Quetzorion and Smilonemys are my favorites though. Every time I see them, I smile. Just the designs are interesting, an armored car and a frosted terror.

I have 8 with thor, maxima and draco. Um, personally my best creature is indy so idk what u talking about. i have a lot of diversity. I use indy, tryo, thor, maxima, gemeni, draco, thyla, and orion. i geuss i dont when it comes to the dinos i use, but ive max boosted my indy, she a beast.

When it comes to fusing level as well i have 14 with erlidom, draco, thor, maxima, magna,

I dont think this is a good way to emphazise cuz some people just play their favorites

Your timing for this type of post is bad. There’s always a zillion complaints right after the monthly reset, when everybody is falling back to 4990. So basically, you sound like another guy who’s just mad that we now have to fight all the top level players again for a week or two. But that being said, I’m curious about your team. You have quite a decent score for not using any of the top meta dinos. That being said, I’m a 10 (Magna and Spyx, ouch :slight_smile: )

I have 5, with dracocera. But for my arena, my team is extremely meta. Allosino, indom, monolomet, phoru, etc… I only have alloraptor and mammotherium as non-meta

But I also have gigaspika at level 17, that should give me negative points

5 for Tyrannosaurus rex, gryposuchus
4 for paramoloch
3 for alanqa, titanoboa, dracoceratosaurus
2 for erlidominus, stygidaryx

10 points.

13- Tryko, Magna, Spyx, Dio.
But I also use a Megalosuchus… so I feel like that should bring me back down to 0 :joy:
@ 5950 currently.
Also fielding Vexus and Monostegotops.

10 for me :slight_smile: Sometimes 15 if I add Erlikospyx but I tend to swap him for others a lot

6 for me. Magna, Maxi and Tryko. Although I do have Dracoceratosaurus as well…

8 for me. But dio is on of the better resil creatures that can almost always retain speed control and takes out maxima with relative ease. It has a specialized roll. And magna is a must for the thors running around and as a stand in for a good fierce creature against the fierce tanks.

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7 points for me with dio maxi tryko and Thor.
I’ve also orion Mammolania and trystronix and thylo

Thank you. Someone had to say it.