How big was Indotaurus?

I’d say about slightly larger than Allosaurus and Indoraptor, about 6 metres and around roughly 3-4 tons.

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I became lost when I read this,

The indotaurus “really” part…

Really- implies that it was an actual real Dino. It isn’t, it’s completely fictional

Now the size comparison really (no pun intended) took the cake-

Indoraptor, according to Google was about 10.5 feet long (in fact, it was running around a deluxe apartment in the sky-high (ahem) mansion. Plus got on top of a roof to help do repairs with Owen and Blue. So it’s weight, was manageable befitting that size.

Allosaurus on the other hand, was about 38.5 feet long. It can’t do that do to size or weight, so never applied for roofing position.

Instead, depending on whom you ask of the two Allosaurus brothers (they were half brothers, dad was a rolling stone) it either went out for disaster relief while the other went out to become a park ranger.

So in the conclusion, the two creatures in question, aren’t really comparable in size, unless siting major differences. Plus, indoraptor itself, is a fantastical creature as well my good man.

I sincerely doubt that the Indotaurus was really, anywhere that big, especially without adding extra dimensions to its being.

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Is 3-4 tons plausible for Indotaurus, as well as 7-8 metres?

carno was about 30 feet long/9m and about 10 feet tall/3 meters

indominus rex was about 50 feet long/15 meters and about 20 feet tall/6 meters

So id say around the size of a trex or giganotosaurus

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