How boosts could be changed

Im pretty sure most of you are going to just say to get rid of boosts, and I’m no exception; they were a huge mistake in this current meta. However, i recently began thinking of a new way they could work.

If I had control of how boosts functioned, I’d choose to make them a sort of “One Time Use” item that you could use to buff your dinos for your next match. It could stack up to five boosts per stat (except armor and crit. We’re going with what’s currently available to us), with each boost costing more boosts, like what we have now. However, they would ONLY stick around for ONE match, and once that match is over, the boosts would reset and youd have to reapply them.

While the best solution is to either toss boosts entirely or make a seperate unboosted arena option available for us who dont want to use them (looking at you, ludia. You made this an option for Jurassic World: The Game, so theres no excuse to do it for JWA as well :expressionless: ), let me know what you guys think of this version of “stat boosts”

Ludia - will this make us more money than we are currently making? No? thanks! we will pass your suggestion on to our team. (Aka delete and empty trash and not pass any player suggestions forward.)

I can say this because I’ve already suggested that arena as soon as Boost dropped.

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