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How boosts just are unfair

Honestly I should have stood a small chance even if it was RNG sure he leveled his up one more but there shouldn’t be that big of a difference

unlike leveling which you normally can do by hunting and battle for incubators to get dna and coin; boosts take forever and maybe once a week you can upgrade (unless you spend money to just buy tons) you’re never gonna catch up to ur opponents and even if you do then they just boost way more.


Sorry if I’m late for the reply but this is true stat boost are so unfair

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I have been somewhat fortunate to not having to battle insanely and unproportionately boosted dinos in Aviary. I have been facing moderately boosted ones as of late and unboosted ones.

Pay to Win features are designed to be OP orherwise nobody would waste money on them, however in the case of Stat Boosts they made a grave error, they made them so game changing as to be the most sort out thing other than DNA…and in the case of 1.0 boosts THE thing to go for as they were more powerful than level ups.

When I was researching all the different types of predatory tactics employed in games, I seen a video about how to monetize games, and a couple of things stood out-

  1. “You can’t have your game too skill based”
  2. “Dont make it too obviously pay to win”

The video should be called 'How to destroy a game for short term gains".


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Just wait until you hit Lower Library.


Now tell me who should win the person on the left who spent coins and dna and time or the one on the right who got mommy’s credit card :credit_card: to buy some boosts

I mean I’m exaggerating of course but still big middle finger to people who properly play the game

As fun as they are, speed boosts are the problem. Either turn them into percentages so we don’t get Nitro Thor so easily and speedsters can become faster almost guaranteed, or get rid of them.

Speed boosts are a particular problem, but all boosts are game distorting. Draco is a nightmare coz of boosts and I rarely see speed ones on her.

Draco is in its own category anyway. It’s a problem even if not boosted (as many found out in the lvl 26 tournament).
Other boosts seem manageable, as long as you have counters to the opponent and are lucky enough that they don’t crit on you.

My opponent spent 2200!! speed boosts on TWO dinos. They still lost.


Today around 5900 trophies I faced one team player with around 7500 HP boost Thor, 2400 ATK and 119 SPD … and switched to DracoceRATOPs too with 1900+ ATK … I lost 0-3 to him … Couldn’t even take out his Thor (my team 4 were also picked-up not good though).

2nd battle 148 SPD magna with other high ATK and HP and 3 levels lower than mine (his was level 27) and mine with SPD 140 just couldn’t do much. Lost 2-3 … Could have won if SPD was not boosted that much.

Happy that I stopped spending completely since BOOSTS 2.0.


A 7500 Thor? What a nightmare… and a joke at the same time.

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Whenever I have to face Magna I always hope to have my Tryko handy. That counter-attack works wonders, especially if the Magna kills my first dino after I’ve taken a chunk out of her :wink:

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I’ve had a nightmare run today consisting of overboosted immune dinos, but with Tryko and Carnota getting picked every turn. That Instant Distraction ain’t gonna help me with all the immunes running about now…

Also, getting real tired of losing battles solely because none of my dinos are fast enough to deal damage. Speed boosts are the worst.


Ludia - takes away our one attempt at Tenontorex in the name of “arena balance”

Also Ludia - introduces boosts, especially speed boosts

:crazy_face: :money_mouth_face: :poop:


How many times have Ludia tried to balance the arena since they introduced boosts?

How many times have Ludia tried to make boosts work properly?

And here we are again after at least 3 attempts at each in exactly the same place as ever.

Ludia must have known this would be the case. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. It’s impossible to have balance when you take the only thing that creates balance away.

Up until boosts Ludia changed the meta with Dino balancing features based on speed, attack and health. Then they gave it to us, and we undid all the good work by creating ultra fast chompers, tanks with even more health, speedsters with high health and worst of all rats that could keep swapping in and out with grotesque health and attack stats.

But I’m not blaming us, it’s human nature to abuse privilege, and where there’s a will there’s a way. If Ludia seriously thought it through they would have known this was going to happen. Within weeks of the introduction they had to recall them as speed boosts were out of control and people had been finding ways to buy too many. So they gave us back the cash we had spent on them and gave us the chance to buy them all back. Speed boosts were devalued a bit, but it made little or no difference if the truth be known.

Then 1.10 came along and all boosts were devalued to the point where any player with a modicum of common sense wouldn’t dream of using real money to buy them ever again. Any player who can remember them when they came out that still uses real money to buy them now has to have more money than sense. All they have is a team of pixels on a screen that may beat another team of pixels on a phone screen as they’ve spent more money than the opponent. And it’s this that Ludia prey on. People are gullible and the feel good factor associated with winning an imaginary battle keep them spending money on the desire to keep that winning feeling.

The fact is that more and more battles are now fought against ai, not even real people, so how can anyone feel that spending money on boosts to beat ai is worthwhile?

And why are we battling more ai?
Because as the heading says only too well…
Boosts are unfair.
And real people who don’t want to be sucked into such misery as the arena offers in this game simply don’t bother with the arena.


Dang that’s deep

Yeah, it’s kinda late here in the UK, sorry about that!

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Lol don’t worry it’s sort late in the USA but the situation is the same