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How 'bout an egg rewarding daily quest

We have the coin,the fish,and the scale duties. All of which we need and enjoy. With the constant rotation of hatching 15 eggs and leveling 15 dragons, how about an egg duty to balance it all out? Just thought I’d suggest a brilliant idea :wink:


There is one. Collect 60 eggs

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I was referring to a duty were you are rewarded with eggs.

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How everyday we have a coin rewarded duty, scales, and fish. I reworded my post topic

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@AlphaAva means a quest that rewards eggs only. Like what the basic bout used to have etc but just straight up eggs as rewards with the extra usual experience.
You’s were getting confused between Quests and Duties. :grin:




I suggest adding daily egg quest like the fish, coins, runes and exp quests, since we can’t get eggs in the rarity quest anymore.


Yes, that’s what @AlphaAva is trying to say.


Duties would reward all sorts of things once upon a time, coins, eggs, fish, energy. But as we complained about the energy shortage, it became all energy to make us happier. And we are that - happier.

Quests, on the other hand, daily quests, were always about scales the one series of quests and a rotation of coins, fish, xp and runes in the other. What I understand is you would like for daily eggs to be like daily scales, an independent series of quests that would balance the dear shortage of eggs since the day rarity runs were tempered with. I’m in full support of the idea, should ludia be interested in implementing it.

You still need to change the word “duties” to “daily quests”, though, as it can get confusing for some. :upside_down_face:

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Will do, thanks for the input

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They really should add one such daily quest. I now have too many coins and fish, but no enough egg. I can get fish from trust event quests and clan chest, and fish and coins can generate over time, so I am having too many coins and fish and not enough eggs, not even enough for me to consume all those fish and coin. I have stopped to play coin comb and fish expedition unless asked in a duty to get fish or coins, still my storage is usually full.


It will pass once you start training higher dragons :wink:

Without enough egg, I hardly get to level up a dragon to the training requirement. Training would work for a little while to clear coin storage but usually it fills up very soon, before I can train another one.